“Team Leadership”


Teams follow a common vision and agreed objectives to make that vision a reality by meeting those agreed objectives.

Teams are led  by a common vision and agreed objectives to realise their vision by achieving  their objectives.

A Team Leader’s  role is to facilitate the agreement of a common vision and the objectives  required to attain that vision.

A Team Leader  does not manage the team.

A co-operative  team is self-managing and does not need a Team Manager.

A Team Leader  encourages the ‘togetherness’ of the separate departmental functions that make  up the team.

Without  ‘togetherness’ there is no team, just a group of individuals who are without  unity and meet together in their separateness.

Togetherness  requires power-sharing.

Power-sharing  allows a division of authority.

The authority  for departmental decision-making is owned by each department.

When the  operation is divided into self-organising autonomous departments who share  their power, it becomes both authorised & empowered.

The role of the  Team Leader is to unify the Divisions of the Team by bringing the team leaders  into unison and togetherness.

In a successful  team, all team members are team leaders.

Team Work

Teams work when the members of the team co-operate.

When the team members work in togetherness, the team works together, and the team works.

Co-operation is essential to any team achieving their vision and objectives.

A team works when the members of the team complement each other.

Team members complement each other when each member of the team fulfils their individual objectives successfully.

Team members are empowered when allowed the authority to fulfil their own particular responsibilities and achieve their own specific goals.

Empowered teams allow their team to work.

Authority allows empowerment.

Personal choice allows authority to be personal and individual.

Personal choice is authorised by the team when in alignment with the teams agreed objectives.

Personal choice that is out of alignment with the team’s vision and objectives is unauthorised and will create resistance to the team working.


A Co-operative is a group of people who work together in co-operation.

Their working together as a team works because they co-operate.

When everyone co-operates, the co-operative works and the team works in co-operation with other teams.

Successful co-operatives work separately in togetherness.

They own their own authority yet share their power.

Unsuccessful co-operatives work together in separateness.

They have no power because their authority is not their own, they are not authorised to own their own choices.

The limited power that they have comes with the authority that they are given with someone else’s choice and they are dependent on external motivation.

The ability of a co-operative team to work is dependent on the operatives owning their own authority.

Owning my own authority connects me to my own power and empowers me.

It is my connection to my own power & authority that enables my co-operation in the team.

My co-operation as a co-operative allows the Co-operative to work in co-operation as a team.

Benevolent Co-operation

Benevolent Co-operation is the essence of good team-work.

Co-operation is  the state of working together as a team.

Benevolent is the state of being that I am experiencing when doing it well.

Benevolence is positive power, often confused with charity.

I give charity from an ego that is judged to be good.

I co-operate with others because we share the same positive power that is aligned on a similar path and shares the same objectives.

Co-operation requires a common vision.

Benevolence requires a common purpose or reason for co-operating.

I am inspired and empowered on a mutually agreed path with others.

Any attachment to the path or need to follow others will compromise the benevolence of my co-operation.

When I co-operate through need, it is never benevolent.

A Productive Team chooses to work together in Benevolent Co-operation.

The role of the Team leader is to nurture, encourage and facilitate the benevolent co-operation of each team member.




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