“Skills, Qualities & Attributes”

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills are an oxymoron.

Managers have skills, Leaders have Qualities.

Managers utilise skills to use people to follow their directive. The skill of management is using people effectively. The skills of management allow people to be used effectively.

Managers do, Leaders just are.

People who follow the example of what I am doing are trainees. Those who follow the example of who I am Being are disciples. A trainer leads by example, which makes them a trainer, not a leader.

The qualities of leadership are ‘modeled’ and coached. The skills of management are trained, instructed and taught.

The only skills that leaders appear to have are the skills to manipulate and to assert their authority over others, which is how they manage and use their followers effectively.

 Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities attract followers. The quality of leadership determines the magnitude of the attraction and the size of the following. Without followers, there are no leaders.

Leadership Qualities are states of Being not skills. The quality of my emotional state of Being determines the quality of my leadership potential.

The quality of my personal emotional state of being determines my Leadership ability.

Personal Qualities determine my Attraction.

My Personal Attraction determines my Quality of Leadership.

Leadership Qualities attract followers who are attracted to the personal qualities of the leader.

Personal qualities are the product of my personal attributes and attainments.

It is the quality of my personal attributes that I have attained that defines my Personal Qualities and my Leadership Potential.

My quality of Human Beingness is determined by the quality of the emotional state that I am being and I attribute to my Self.

Who I am being, as a human, is determined by my emotional attributes and attainments.

The quality of my Beingness is personal to my Self.

It is a measure of the quality of Life that I have attained and attribute to myself.

My Quality of Life is relative to the Personal Qualities that I express.

My Personal Qualities determine my Self-esteem, the true value of my life and my ability to live life with confidence.


The Quality of Leadership

 The Quality of Leadership is a measure of individual self-esteem.

The higher my esteem, the greater is the quality of my leadership.

My quality of leadership is determined by my quota of self-confidence combined with my quanta of self-worth.

It is about how much I confide in my Self and how much I value my Self.

Followers follow leaders whom they hold in high esteem.

People with high  self-esteem do not need to follow other people.

People with low esteem need an example of high self-esteem to follow.

With high self-esteem, I follow my own path in life and I lead my own life.

I have no need of followers to endorse my quality of leadership.

Leaders have a vision to follow and a vision that leads them.

High self-esteem is essential to the realisation of my vision for life.

Realising my vision and fulfilling my purpose builds self-esteem and attracts the esteem of others.

People follow people who have a vision and follow people who have a purpose.

Without a clear vision, a clear direction and a clear purpose, there are no followers and the leadership has no quality.

Esteem is the product of my confidence and worth.

Disciples follow the example of leaders who are confident in their value to those who follow their lead.


The Prime Attributes of Leadership

The Prime Attributes of Leadership are the prime states of being that are attributable to all Leaders:


Transparency is a prime attribute of Leadership.

Leaders who are being transparent communicate a clear vision and a clear intention.

With transparency, followers have the clarity to see where everyone is going.

There is no hidden agenda and no one gets confused.


Accountability is a prime attribute of Leadership.

Leaders who are accountable clarify their direction and their purpose.

With accountability, followers know where they are going and where the leader is coming from.

There is no deception and no one gets lost.


Wisdom is a prime attribute of Leadership.

Leaders who are wise make beneficial choices.

With wisdom their presence is recognisable and followers know why they are being led this way.

There is no frustration, no anger and no intolerance, only unity.



Eldership is True Leadership.

The True Leaders of a Society are its Elders.

True Leaders have the wisdom to follow their own path and to allow all others to follow their own path.

It is not age that qualifies me to be a Leader but wisdom.

A leader needs followers, Elders do not.

An Elder has overcome the duality of leaders and followers.

Elders lead their own life and follow their own path.

Eldership is determined by my state of Being, not by my actions.

A person’s preference to lead or to follow is determined by their individual emotional needs.

Elders are recognised by the influence of their Presence and their Beingness.

A leader requires the authority of their followers.

Elders have the authority of their own confident choice.

A leader decides what to do and how to do it.

Elders decide who to be in relationship to what is occurring.

A Gathering of Elders has no leader and requires no followers.