“Why I Appear to be Unattractive!”

The Law of Attraction states that:

“Like energy unto itself is drawn”

The main reason for misunderstanding this Universal Law is that we are consciously unaware of our spiritual energy. Our physical consciousness focuses on our physical reality as opposed to the reality of the energy that we are. Our energy is our spiritual reality (spirituality) and the focus of our thoughts is physicality, which we see as our physical reality.

In short, we only see half of the equation when we only see what is visible with our eye-sight and we are without the in-sight of being able to see intuitively.

We live in a dual reality world that allows unconditional choice, should we choose to choose it. In the duality of our perspective, we create our own reality with our thoughts about our reality, whether we are aware of this or not.

Being Attractive and consciously creating our own reality requires not only an understanding of how the Law of Attraction works but also why it works and why it appears not to work. The only reason it appears not to work is because my perspective is out of alignment with my intention. My intention is for it to work and my perspective is that it doesn’t.

To bring my perspective into alignment with my intention requires an understanding of why it can be out of alignment, which is always because my intention is out of alignment with my Vision for my Life or my perspective is out of alignment with my vision. Whichever way I look at it, I am either in alignment or not; the ‘Law’ is my experience or it isn’t, because I choose my own reality.

Understanding how my intention, my perspective and my vision differ requires knowledge of the three lesser laws that allow duality to exist: The ‘law of non-attraction’; the ‘law of un-attraction’; and the law of ‘un-attractive non-attraction’.

In a relative dual reality world, the way to understand anything is by either experiencing its polar opposite, or better still its polar opposites, and therefore always having three choices.

To be Attractive, I first have to know why I am both non-attractive and un-attractive and then how to overcome both.


The Law of Non-attraction states that:

“Energy is divided by its frequency & wavelength.”

This means that emotional states of Being are differentiated by their energy vibration.

In Absolute Reality there is no division and no separation – All is One.

In the state of Being in Absolute Oneness, everything is attracted to everything and nothing is attractive because there is nothing else to Attract.

In the Realm of Divided Relative Dual Reality, the law of non-attraction allows separation and division, which allows opposing energetic states to be, which allows choice to exist.

Without the law of non-attraction, attraction and choice cannot exist.

Like energy can only be drawn unto itself once it has become separate and divided and the possibility of it being non-attractive exists.

Without non-attractive energy, which allows individually different thoughts, there would only be One Thought, which is no thought at all.

We cannot choose to be Attractive without first experiencing being non-attractive.

Without different frequencies, wavelengths and vibrations of energy, unique thoughts and choice could not exist.

This also means that material states of being are differentiated by the energetic vibration of their atomic particles, which means that without the law of non-attraction, the physical reality of a material world could not exist in time & space for us to discover, explore and experience with those thoughts.

The law of non-attraction allows both life and the continuation of an expansive life to become a physical reality.

The Law of Un-attraction states that:

“The polarity and gender of energy determines its attraction or un-attraction and the intensity of the experience”.

When the frequency of energy is divided by either a positive or a negative polarity, and the wavelength of energy is divided by either a male or female gender, then the potential for all variations of intensity becomes a possibility.

It is my choice of frequency polarity of my thought and the gender of the wavelength of my emotional energy that determines the particular intensity of my energetic vibration.

It is the polarity & gender of my state of being that allows a range of intense experiences that are either attractive or unattractive to me.

With an intensely variable range of vibration at my disposal, I am able to choose my own personality & character.

I can choose the wavelength of my emotion, the frequency of my thought, the gender of my personality and the polarity of my character to determine whether I personally like or dislike my character and whether my personal characteristics are a true reflection of my personality or not.

The Law of un-attraction allows me to decide whether I am like other people, unlike other people and whether I like other people or dislike other people, or whether I like not liking people or not; because we are either similar or different.

It allows my personal choice of what I attract unto my Self and whether I perceive it to be un-attractive or not.

There is another version of this law called ‘Murphy’s Law’ or ‘Sod’s Law’, which is also referred to as : ‘The Law of Reversed Effort’, which states: “What can go wrong, will”.

The Law of Un-attractive Non-attraction states that:

“The potential ability of energy to be creative is determined by the magnitude of its power & the force of its authority”

This means that the inability of thought energy to be creative is determined by its lack of either power or authority.

Therefore my lack of ability to create my ideal life is purely due to the low potential of the force & magnitude of my life-force energy vibration.

The state of having neither power nor authority is both non-attractive & un-attractive.

Without either power or authority, there is no ability.

Without either force or magnitude, there is no potential.

Without either frequency or wavelength, there is no vibration.

Without either gender or polarity, there is no intensity.

Without either the Authority of my Light or the Power of my Love, there is no ability of Life with which to be Creative.

There is no potential ability to vibrate with a pure intensity of energy in the most ideal way for me, or you.

This law explains the ‘steady-state’ law of matter that allows all inanimate objects, without the power or authority of thought, to remain in an apparently unchanging state in one position in space for extensive periods of time.

It also explains why I can appear to be unattractive when in reality I am very Attractive, whether I know it or not.

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