“Three Types of Attraction”

There are Three Types of Attraction

Physical Attraction

Physical Attraction (aka Sexual Attraction) is determined by the wavelength/gender of our Energy.

The wavelength of our energy is divided by gender and continually seeks to become re-united and whole.

We are sub-consciously seeking our sexual partner who makes us feel united and whole.

Our ideal ‘soul’ mate has an energy that is equal and opposite to our own. An equal wavelength but an opposite gender.

The female gender of our energy is: Connected; Sensitive; & Emotional.

The male gender of our energy is: Exclusive; Detached; & Rational.

Exclusive energy attracts Connected energy to become Exclusively-Connected and whole. When we are exclusively-connected, we access our power of Love.

Emotional energy attracts Rational energy to become Emotionally-Rational and whole. When we are emotionally-rational, we access our authority of Light.

Sensitive energy attracts Detached energy to become Sensitively-Detached and whole. When we are being sensitively-detached, we access our ability of Life.


Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic Attraction is determined by the frequency/polarity of our Energy.

The frequency of our energy is divided by either a positive or a negative polarity.

A high, positive, good, emotional energy is seen as attractive.

A low, negative, evil, emotional energy is felt to be repulsive.

An ideal friend and ‘soul’ tie is resonating at the same frequency and polarity as our self.

We like our own kind of people and we are attracted to them magnetically.

Exclusive & Connected energy is positive and attractive.

Inclusive & disconnected energy is negative and unattractive.

Sensitive & Detached energy is positive and attractive.

Insensitive & attached (needy) energy is negative and unattractive.

Emotional & Rational energy is positive and attractive.

Unemotional & irrational energy is negative and unattractive.

When we become rationally-irrational, we become Emotional.

When we become detachedly-attached, we become Sensitive.

When we become exclusively-inclusive, we become Connected.

When we become connectedly- disconnected, we become Exclusive.

When we become sensitively-insensitive, we become Detached.

When we become emotionally-unemotional, we become Rational.

We become Sexually Attractive to our opposite gender by balancing the positive and negative polarity of our energy. This they will love.

We become Magnetically Attractive to our opposite gender by sharing their polarity. This they will like.

N.B. The gender of our energy is not our physical sex, but the gender of our orientation. It decides our perspective of what we feel to be attractive to our self. In other words the same sex can be attracted to each other by the opposing genders of the same wavelength and frequency of their energy vibration. We are not attracted by a person’s sex but the gender and polarity of their energy.


Divine Attraction

Divine Attraction is the Oneness or Wholeness of our Energy or Spirit.

When we are aware of the Holy Spirit acting in our
Life, we are experiencing the Power of Attraction of our own Whole Energy.

Divine Attraction is determined by the vibration/intensity of our Energy, our Spirit.

The intensity of our Energy is determined by its gender & polarity.

The vibration of our Energy, our energy vibration, is the level at which our spiritual energy is vibrating.

The more balanced and harmonious our Vibration, the more Attractive we become and the more able we are to consciously attract the Life that we choose.

When our energy is both Exclusive & Connected, we have the Power of Love to Attract. We become Omnipotent.

When our energy is both Rational & Emotional, we have the Authority of Light to Attract. We become Omniscient.

When our energy is both Sensitive & Detached, we have the Ability of Life to Attract. We become Omnipresent.

With our True Power, Authority & Ability, our attainment of Attraction is Divine.

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