“The 4 Laws of Attraction”

The 4 Laws of Attraction are:

Law 1:

“Like energy unto itself is drawn”

This is: The Law of Attraction.

Law 2:

“Energy is divided by its frequency & wavelength, which allows its vibration to be either attractive or not”

This is: The Law of Non-attraction.

Law 3:

“The polarity & gender of energy determines the intensity of its attraction or un-attraction”

This is: The Law of Un-attraction.

Law 4:

“The potential ability of energy to be creative is determined by the magnitude of its power and the force of its authority”

This is: The Law of Un-attractive Non-attraction.

An in-depth working knowledge of all 4 laws is recommended before attempting to create one’s own reality within the context of a relative dual reality existence.

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