“How to Be Attractive”

“How to Be  Attractive” – The Book

How to be attractive sets out to answer some fundamental questions about reality and the reality of Attraction.

It explores the reason why some things are attractive, some things are non-attractive, some things are unattractive and some things are repulsive.

It finds answers to the paradox of attraction as to how “like attracts like” and “opposites attract”.

It solves the conundrum of: “Is being non-attractive attractive when it attracts what is un-attractive?”

It explains the fundamental process of how the Universe works according to a simple rule that is no longer a secret, and is now known as ‘The Law of Attraction’.

It will help you to decide whether your reality is attractive or unattractive and why you have attracted the experiences that you are presently experiencing.

The main aim of the book is to change your perspective from “I am not very attractive” to knowing that you are very attractive and if you are not happy with the state of your attraction then you can attract something else, just by changing your mind, your perspective and your state of being, which you can decide is either attractive or not.

If you have been intuitively drawn to this book at this time because it feels right for you, then you know that it is time to change your perspective about what is happening in your reality, in the knowing that you have the power, the authority and the ability to do just that.

I intend for your search for an ideal life to stop right here. It is my intention that you realise your ideal life is already here awaiting your acceptance of it once your perspective allows it to present itself for your approval.

You have already attracted everything that you need right now to be content with a fulfilled and joyful life. My job is to help you see that intuitively, even though it may not have manifested yet as your physical experience.

I hope that my quest as an Explorer of Truth will help you discover some answers and that my experience as a Life Coach will help you to explore some questions.

I believe that you already know the answers that you are looking for, as the key to every secret is to find the right question that unlocks the answer.

There is no problem that has no solution and every opportunity arrives at an opportune moment. Whether life is a challenge or not depends on our ability to face up to both success & failure.

Attraction just is. It is an immutable law of the universe in which we live life. Consciously creating our ideal reality is virtually impossible without an in depth knowledge of how attraction works, and why it often appears to deceive us.

It is my committed aim to allow everyone to follow their own path and create their own ideal world, so that I may attract everyone to a reality that we share.

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How To Be Attractive

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