“Self-Confidence Questionnaire”

Self-Confidence Questions:

 I know intuitively what is right for me

 I confide in my Self

 I walk my talk

 I live my truth

 I am sincere

 I have challenged all my limiting beliefs

 I fear nothing

 I have a clear vision for my life

 I make my own choices

 My wisdom is innate, not learned

 I do not prevaricate

 I do not procrastinate

 I accept the authority of others as their authority not mine

 I am the author of my own life

 I live my destiny not my fate

 I listen to my messages

 I hear my messages

 Life flows effortlessly

 I am fulfilled by life

 I do only what I truly value

 I never tell others what to do

 I never make other people wrong

 I have no tolerations

 I no longer need to enforce my boundaries

 I allow other people to follow their path

 I follow my path


Self-Worth Questions:

 I feel intuitively what is beneficial for me

 I approve of who I am

 I am aware of my true identity

 I am aware of my personality and character

 I am heart-centred

 I consciously meet my emotional needs

 I hate nothing

 I am aware of my life’s purpose

 I depend on no-one

 Wellness is my natural state of being

 I do not judge myself

 I love me

 I am empowered

 I am inspired

 I am responsible for my own happiness

 I think only positive thoughts about my self

 I think only positive thoughts about others

 Life is abundant, I am content with enough of everything

 Life is a joy to behold

 I am worthy of everything that I receive

 I never undervalue others

 I never belittle other people

 My outlook is always positive

 I am a Human Being, being human

 I compete with no-one

 I believe that love is the way


Self-Esteem Questions:

 I believe that my Self Esteem is the product of my Self-worth and my Self–confidence

 I believe that my Self Esteem or how highly I hold myself in esteem is relative to my own ability

 I believe that my own ability is relative to my own power and my own authority

 I believe that my self-worth is a measure of my power

 I believe that my self-confidence is a measure of my authority

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