“Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire”


How do you feel about the following statements?

Do they have a positive, a negative or a neutral pull?

What level of intensity does that emotion have?

  1. I always cry tears of joy, never sadness
  2. I am a victim of no-one
  3. I am never embarrassed or humiliated by other people
  4. I have no reason to retreat to my cave
  5. There is a ladder at the bottom of my emotional pit
  6. I never intimidate or interrogate anyone
  7. I never criticise, condemn or complain
  8. I am never sarcastic, cynical or critical
  9. I have overcome all 7 deadly sins
  10. I am conscious of my control dramas and aware of when I am being challenged by them
  11. I know my 5 dominant emotional needs and how to meet them consciously
  12. I am aware that any negative experience is of my own making
  13. My emotional power is authorised
  14. I confide in my Self
  15. I know my self-worth
  16. I hold my Self in very high esteem
  17. My sensitivity towards others has no attachment
  18. Love is a feeling that I share with another, not need from another
  19. I have clarity in all aspects of my life – there is no confusion
  20. I approve of who I am
  21. I express my happiness freely
  22. I am well because I choose to be well
  23. I know what has true value for me and I consciously choose it
  24. I have unconditional faith in my inner guidance system
  25. My intuition is instinctive
  26. I am emotionally very wealthy
  27. I experience abundance in all areas of my life
  28. I have enough emotional energy to be pain-free at all times
  29. I have attained 3 Divine Attributes
  30. I understand how the Law of Attraction is working in my life

There are no right or wrong answers. Only our personal perception of where we are on our journey in life.

The real question is: “When I am agreeing or disagreeing with these 30 statements, am I being emotionally intelligent or not”. It is for you and you alone to decide your own level of emotional intelligence and which areas you believe it will be emotionally beneficial to develop and improve. You cannot use your rational intelligence to measure your emotional intelligence.

Your Feedback is always appreciated