“Awareness Questionnaire”

Yes No Don’t Know
Can you see   without using your eyes?
Can you hear without using your ears?
Can you feel without using your hands?
Is   awareness and consciousness the same?
Does energy   have gender?
Does energy   have polarity?
Does energy   have intensity?
Is detached   and disconnected the same?
Is   connected and attached the same?
Is   sensitive and emotional the same?
Is emotion   a reaction?
Is emotion   a response?
Is   exclusive the opposite of inclusive?
Is   emotional the same as spiritual?
Is power   the same as authority?
Do you feel   with your heart?
Do you feel   with your solar plexus?
Do you know   in your mind?
Do you know   in your heart?
Do you feel   intuitively?
Do you know   intuitively?
Do you see   intuitively?
Do you feel   instinctively?
Do you know   instinctively?
Do you see   instinctively?
Do you act   instinctively?
Do you   respond instinctively?
Do you   react instinctively?
Do you   respond intuitively?
Do you act   responsibly?
Do you need   knowledge to know?
Can you   define your state of being in this moment?
Did you   define your state of Being with a noun?
Did you   define your state of Being with a verb?
Did you   define your state of Being with an adjective?
Is power   the same as love?
Is love the   same energy as light?
Do you know   your predominant emotional need?
Is a belief   the same as a conviction?
Is an   opinion the same as a belief?
Do you know   where your thoughts come from?
Do you know   the role of your sub-conscious mind?
Can you   define your soul?
Where is   your mind located?
Are your   mind and your brain the same thing?
Do you know   what makes an emotion negative?
Do you know   what makes an emotion positive?
Is   imagination useful in business?
Do you know   where innovation comes from?
Do you know   what inspiration is?
Have you   ever had a revelation?
Is a dream   the same as a fantasy?
Do you remember   your dreams?
Do you   dream in colour?
Is   day-dreaming useful?
Is anger   the same as intolerance?
Is   frustration the same as anger?
Is   intolerance the same as frustration?
Is anger a   positive attribute?
Is   assertive the same as forceful?
Is   confrontation the same as conflict?
Is lust   sexually offensive?
Is sex and   gender the same?
Does like   attract like?
Do   opposites attract?
Is   compassion the same as empathy?
Is sympathy   the same as compassion?
Is detached   the same as unattached?
Is   sensitive the same as being too sensitive?
Is being   irrational a male attribute?
Is being   irrational a female attribute?
Is being   irrational a positive attribute?
Is being   irrational a negative attribute?
Does   emotional energy have a frequency?
Does   emotional energy have a wavelength?
Does   emotional energy have a vibration?
Is thought   an emotion?
Is emotion   a feeling?
Can you   define an emotional reaction?
Is being   emotional a positive attribute?
Is being   unemotional a positive attribute?
Is   containing one’s emotions beneficial?
Is managing   anger beneficial?
Is   expressing anger beneficial?
Is being   critical beneficial?
Is being   criticised beneficial?
Is cynical   the same as sarcastic?
Is love an   energy?
Is power an   energy?
Is emotion   an energy?
Is   authority an energy?
Is skill an   energy?
Is ability   an energy?
Is being   insensitive the same as being aloof?
Is Being a   verb?
Is a ‘state   of being’ a noun?
Can you   define ‘adjectively’?
Is   Attraction an energy?
Is   attraction the same as magnetism?
Is   character the same as personality?
Is identity   the same as character?
Is   personality the same as identity?
Do you have   a life-force?
Is joy the   same as pleasure?
Is   contentment the same as joy?
Is   fulfilment the same as achievement?
Is   achievement the same as attainment?
Is a   personality trait the same as an attribute?
Is physical   energy the same as spiritual energy?
Is   electricity an energy?
Is gravity   an energy?
Is   magnetism an energy?
Is reality   the same for everyone?
Is ‘now’ an   aspect of time?
Is ‘now’ an   aspect of reality?
Is pride   the same as arrogance?
Is there   good and bad pride?
Is envy the   same as jealousy?
Is gluttony   the same as greed?
Is wrath   the same as anger?
Is sloth   the same as laziness?
Is being   righteous the same as being self-righteous?
Is there a   difference between listening and hearing?
Is   motivation the same as empowerment?
Is an   appraisal the same as an assessment?
Is   self-confidence the same as authority?
Is   self-worth the same as personal value?
Is   self-esteem the same as ability?
Is   self-worth the same as power?
Can you   have too much self-confidence?
Is   self-esteem achieved through acknowledgement?
Does   approval boost self-worth?
Is   tolerating the same as accepting?
Is   affirming the same as attesting?
Is   approving the same as allowing?
Is super   vision a paranormal gift?
Is   accepting the same as approving?
Is love the   opposite of fear?
Is lust the   opposite of love?
Is war the   opposite of love?
Is peace   the opposite of war?
Is a   freedom-fighter the same as a terrorist?
Is   perspective the same as perception?
Is a second   in time the same as a moment in time?
Is a vision   the same as an objective?
Is a dream   the same as a vision?
Does   emotion have a purpose?
Is reactive   the same as spontaneous?
Is mental   illness the same as emotional illness?
If you   cannot see it, is it real?
Are all   real things made of physical matter?

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