“Emotional Intelligence”

“Rational Intelligence is the measure of my ability to choose what I believe is right or wrong for me”

“Emotional intelligence is the measure of my ability to experience whatever I choose in a most beneficial way”

My Emotional Intelligence is my ability to consciously comprehend my own emotional States of Being.

Being ‘Emotional’ means that I am aware of the feeling that is my emotional state of being.

Being ‘Intelligent’ means I have a rational knowledge or logical understanding of the situation, occurrence and circumstances that I am currently experiencing.

I am Intelligent when I can consciously rationalise what is happening in my reality.

I am Emotional when I can feel the awareness of my energetic state of being – my emotional energy.

Emotional Intelligence loses clarity when I confuse ‘being emotional’ with ‘being irrational’.

When I am studying negative states of being that cause me to sub-consciously react, I am learning about my own irrational behaviour that is without emotional intelligence. I am studying ‘irrational intelligence’.

Being emotional is not reacting irrationally; it is being consciously-aware of my emotional state of being. I never react emotionally because with emotional intelligence I am always able to respond intelligently.

Negative emotional states of being are irrational because a rationally intelligent person who is emotionally aware (intelligent) would never choose to experience them.

Understanding irrational behaviour does require emotional intelligence but it is not the definition of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional States of Being

Emotional ‘States of Being’ require definition before I can understand them intelligently.

When I define an emotional state of being, I give it definition, it becomes a definite emotion, and I become consciously-aware of its existence.

It is my conscious-awareness of the definite nature of my emotions that allows me to be emotionally intelligent.

An ‘Emotional’ person is aware of their feelings as different emotions.

An ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ person is able to consciously name (define) their emotional state of being and create it at will, if and when they so choose.

By intelligently defining an emotion, I become both emotionally aware of the feeling and rationally conscious of its definition. I cannot experience a definite emotion unless I can name it adjectively.

In the absence of naming an emotion, it will remain either a positive or a negative experience, dependent on the beliefs that I hold in my sub-conscious.

I define an emotion (emotional state of being) with an adjective, which is a describing word.

Any adjective that describes my feelings or my emotional state of being is an emotion.

Without an adjective to describe it, an emotion is just a feeling that I don’t really understand.

The Potential of my Emotional Energy

Emotion is an energetic state of being that I am experiencing.

All forms of energy have a force, a magnitude and a potential. Emotions are no different.

The potential of any energy is realised when the force and magnitude of that energy unite.

Electrical energy has a force called ‘volts’, a magnitude called ‘amps’ and a potential called ‘watts’. They are all named after the person who first defined them.

Emotional energy is more complicated because not only is its potential divided by force and magnitude but its force is divided by polarity and its magnitude is divided by gender.

The polarity of my emotions is either positive or negative and the gender of my energy is either male or female. (Anger & pride are male whereas meekness & humility are female. However, Impatience and intolerance are usually seen as negative and patience and tolerance as positive).

The degree, to which my emotional energy is unbalanced, by being divided by either polarity or gender or both, determines the intensity of the emotion that I am feeling. The greater is the imbalance the greater is the intensity of the emotional feeling. The intensity of my emotional state of being is the product of both the gender and the polarity of the emotional energy.

Emotional Intelligence requires not only the definition of my emotional state of being but the understanding of its potential for my Life.

Understanding the potential of my emotional energy requires me to be consciously-aware of:

 Its force and magnitude

 Its gender, polarity and intensity

 Its definition or Adjectivity

 The sponsoring thought or thoughts that are creating the emotion.

The Ultimate Potential of my Emotional Energy is the Pure Feeling of Love that emanates from my Soul.

Life is an emotional experience

My Emotional Intelligence requires more than my ability to manage my irrational behaviour. It requires the ability to understand my emotional experiences intelligently.

The cause of my irrational behaviour is my lack of emotional intelligence. I react irrationally with what is sometimes confusingly called an emotional reaction.

I respond with positive emotion once I attain the intelligence and understanding to do so.

My symptoms of irrational behaviour are created by my lack of rational intelligence.

Extreme irrational behaviour caused by a lack of rational ability may be diagnosed as a mental illness by a rational person who has no emotional intelligence.

Diagnosing emotional disorder or disease requires emotional intelligence not rational intelligence, which is probably why illness is usually diagnosed as either physical or mental and not emotional.

In the absence of emotional intelligence, my life became an unemotional experience as a rationally intelligent man.

In a dualistic world, the more rationally intelligent I become the more contained, disconnected and emotionally unintelligent I am.

It is my experience that the more I rationalise my world with tolerance and patience the less I react with the frustration of my anger and intolerance. However, with emotional intelligence I consciously choose to be ‘Accepting’ instead of tolerant and ‘Allowing’ instead of patient. I no longer choose to be a tolerant patient who is patiently tolerating Life.

I am now accepting Life as an emotional experience because I am learning to be emotionally intelligent enough to allow it to be so.

The True Test of Emotional Intelligence

The true test of my Emotional Intelligence is whether I can be Happy & Well as a result of my conscious choice to be so.

It is only my emotional ignorance that is depriving me of the happiness and well-being that is my true nature.

Happiness is an emotional feeling. How can a rational man be happy in a state of being disconnected and unemotional?

Well-being is an emotional feeling. How can I feel well in a society that medicates physical and mental illness without one iota of emotional intelligence?

Having compassion for other people doesn’t mean anything unless I have defined the compassion that I am feeling. Defining compassion as: “Wanting to alleviate the suffering of others”, is a rationally intelligent definition of a physical desire not the definition of an emotional feeling.

It is my lack of emotional intelligence that disconnects me from my true emotional nature.

A logical world has become an unemotional world that is devoid of true Happiness & Well-being and is full of sadness and sickness. We have lost our connection to our true Wealth and our true Health when, as a society, we are disconnected from our Emotional Intelligence.

In an emotionally intelligent society, the only irrational behaviour is to be unemotional and intellectually challenged by one’s own emotional experiences.

The challenge of a new society is for men to become emotionally-rational and for women to become rationally-emotional and for both to understand that there is no distinction between the two. The battle of the Sexes will then be declared as over.


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