“My Journey”

“My Journey as a Coach”

It’s September 1989. My head is spinning. My heart is beating very fast. I need to take a walk and get some fresh air. I think I’m allergic to the coffee. Will a cigarette help or make it worse?

I didn’t know it at the time but I was receiving my first warning. Unfortunately I didn’t hear it. I wasn’t yet awakened to my life path. I was still a fatalist and a victim of what life had in store for me.

A quick appointment at the doctor’s surgery confirmed that my blood pressure was high. Not surprising really. I was suffering from stress. Better give up the caffeine rich beverages and cut down on the nicotine. I could only cut down; giving up completely wasn’t an option as I was too addicted.

I thought that I was a victim of the cigarettes and coffee. Actually I was suffering from a change in Management Style at work. For the past 8 years I had been managing the operations and the development of a hotel with a leisure club.

Leisure facilities and leisure clubs were a new innovation to hotels in the early 80s. Hoteliers needed the glossy pictures of leisure facilities in their brochures and leisure club operators needed the bottom line profitability that hotel accommodation offered. My job was to make the union of an informal leisure club sit comfortably alongside the traditions of a formal hotel.

We had developed two very profitable squash and fitness clubs with accommodation and had acquired a site for the 3rd complex – a 100 bedroom hotel with a 5000 member leisure club. The problem was raising the £10 million needed to build it with 2 of the 3 Main Board Directors wanting to retire. The solution was to sell the company to a large PLC. I went overnight from being a large fish in a small pond to becoming a small fish in a large pond. Still, there appeared to be lots of opportunity to learn and grow, but at what price to my health?

I learned that very small fish in large ponds have to learn to swim very fast or they get devoured by bigger fish. I knew that the new management hierarchy was not to my liking nor was the corporate management style beneficial to my quality of life. It was very directive with very rigid operating procedures, deadlines and standards of performance. I was used to doing my own thing and here my own thing was not allowed. The days of innovation and seat of the pants management was over. Planning, procedures and performance were the new criteria.

It was to be another 3 years before a change of CEO introduced a change in Management Style and the Club Culture of Leadership through Coaching was introduced into my business world. Hallelujah! I was about to be trained in a style of management that I never knew existed but I had been waiting all my life to follow.

Luckily I had been promoted to a head office role that allowed me to go missing when I wanted to. Nobody knew anything about leisure, so they left me to get on with it. My stress of course was self induced. I couldn’t swim against the current any longer, it was too strong. I just had to go with the flow and tolerate the discomfort, until I hit some calmer water.

The calmer water never arrived. I was in the rat race but I wasn’t winning. I was on the treadmill and didn’t know how to get off. I was still a fatalist and therefore had no choice but to tolerate whatever turned up.

It is September 1999. I have just graduated as a Life Coach from a truly magnificent Coach Training Establishment called CoachU. I have completed 200 hours of Coach Training on the telephone to the USA with assorted trainee coaches from all over the world. I have not only been trained in the Core Skills of Coaching and how to set up and market my Coaching Practice, but also I have been coached on my own Personal Foundation and the Development of my own Personal Attraction. This undoubtedly was the best investment in me that I have ever made. My life was changing for the better at last because I had learned that if I want my life to change then I have to change my life. The real insanity in my life was doing the same thing every day and expecting my life to change.

My life had changed but it had taken a divorce, redundancy and a near death experience to wake me up.

I now know that I have an Inner Guiding Force in my life. I call it my Inner Coach. My Inner Coach knows my Vision, my Mission and my Purpose for this lifetime. I had to open up lines of communication with my Inner Coach to know this. Actually my Inner Teacher had to move heaven and earth to get me to listen and to get me to sign up as a pupil. You see, I thought that I had mastered life in the physical, but I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t content, I wasn’t fulfilled and joy was an emotion that was seldom of my acquaintance. I didn’t own my own power, and I had no distinction between my power and my authority and no distinction between my destiny and my fate. I was about to learn that I know nothing about my life and that I really want to know: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

It was my destiny to learn my vision, mission and purpose for my life as they are my destiny. Only by following my destiny am I able to overcome my fate. Suddenly I knew that I had a choice and that I had to choose. The question was what should I choose? I knew enough to know that my fate was going to kill me – slowly and painfully.

In 1995 suddenly I was no longer married. My wife of 15 years left me. There was no alternative but to carry on working to support my 2 children that she had left with me to bring up. Because she knew I would. It was my fate.

In 1996 the PLC that I worked for was bought out completely, lock, stock and barrel. Of a head office staff of over 200 people, only 5 were offered positions in the new company.

I was happy to take a golden hand shake. I wanted to develop health and fitness clubs without the burden of having to worry about conforming to the needs of hotel guests. This however was neither my fate nor my destiny.

Unable to find a long term suitable position in the newly emerging Health & Fitness Industry, I eventually succumbed to the old adage “If you can’t do it, teach it” and I set myself up as a Consultant to the Health & Fitness Industry. This was to be my fate not my destiny.

I had always wanted to be a Consultant. Ever since my application to become a trainee hotel consultant was turned down at the age of twenty-three. Twenty years on I had realised my ambition. All I had to do was to make it a profitable business. Being a consultant is easy. Getting people to buy into your knowledge and ideas is not. As a Consultant I very quickly learned that my role was to assist other people to do things their way, not my way. Consultancy was my fate not my destiny. Coaching was my Destiny. Actually it is nearer the truth to say that Coaching was to play a great part in gaining an awareness of my Destiny. Coaching is not the reason I am here, it is the vehicle through which I am learning why I am here and who I really want to be.

I had faced divorce and I had survived redundancy and I still hadn’t woken up to my Destiny. I thought that my destiny was to propagate my genes and bring up two healthy off-spring to carry-on the family name and suffer the same fate as their father. I believed that I was a fortunate father. I didn’t see them as doomed to follow a similar fate as myself.

My final wake-up call came on Valentine’s Day in February of 1998.

After two years of bringing up my family alone, I had fallen into a relationship of convenience with a mother of 2 teenage sons. My daughter instantly gained two more elder brothers and my son the brother he had always wanted. I had a live-in partner to allow me the latitude to spend more time away from home marketing my business. It was to prove a relationship based on sound rational logic that was to suffer the traumas of irrational outburst of emotion. I wasn’t yet emotionally aware enough to make the relationship work and we were now in the throes of separation.

Instead of taking my partner to Glasgow on a combined business trip and Valentine’s treat, I ended up taking my daughter instead.

Just south of the Scottish border, I pulled out to overtake another car, put my foot on the accelerator pedal and just as I drew level with the car I was overtaking, my accelerator cable snapped. I’m sitting on the wrong side of the road unable to move over with a car proceeding at a rate of knots in my direction.

Thankfully I experienced only a near “near-death experience” as I managed to avoid the on-coming car with inches to spare.

We managed to crawl to a garage in nearby town and get the car-fixed without too much inconvenience. Whilst waiting for the repairman to do his job, we went for a walk and stumbled upon an old antique shop where interestingly I found a picture in a pine frame that caught my attention. It was a picture of pebbles that one would find on any beach but this collection of pebbles had a very distinctive white stone in its centre.

I had recently started to read a lot of new age books. One was the Celestine Prophecy and another by Charles Handy talked about our Destiny being written on a White Stone. I was starting to follow my co-incidences and see them as directions on my path, so I bought the picture.

The following morning as I awoke into that twilight zone between wake and sleep, I could see my white stone very clearly in my imagination as though I was still in a dream. Then suddenly out of the picture floated a ghostly shadow and at that very moment my body felt as though it had floated two or three feet above the bed. Had I had the courage to look, I probably would have seen myself below me still lying on my bed. What is happening is easy to relate, what one is feeling is not. What I felt was intense enough for me to realise quite consciously that after 47 years of believing that I was a physical Being having a physical experience in this world, perhaps this was no longer a true reflection of my reality.

Having exclaimed in desperation several times in the near past that “there must be more to life than this”, I was in that very moment finding that there is.

This experience awakened me to the existence of energy. I called it energy because at that time I had a very strong aversion to the word ‘god’, and ‘spirit’ was something that came in a bottle.

I had been initiated into the world of spiritual energy. Co-incidences were no longer experiences that happened by accident. My Inner Teacher apparently had decided it was time for me to start consciously taking an active part in my Journey.

I was inspired to start Reiki Healing and to join Coach University and become a Life Coach.

It is now September 2009. The Age of Aquarius has dawned. We are not only at the start of a new century but also a new age with the opportunity of creating a new epoch in time.

I now know that I am a Spiritual Being having a physical existence. I have spent much of the past ten years wandering through a spiritual desert looking for my Self. Those years have been precarious yet the most exciting part of my life so far.

I have answered the question “Who am I?” That was the relatively easy bit. Actually ‘being’ who I really am is proving to be the greatest challenge of my Life.

I have answered my question “Why am I here?” I now know why I am here and that knowledge is invaluable to me. I know my Vision, my Mission and my Purpose for this life-time and I know my True Values, what I truly love to do whilst on this epic journey.

By 2002, Life Coaching had introduced me to my Inner Coach and Reiki had allowed me to connect to my own life-force energy. I had found the Source of my Power and my Authority and I had started to write. It was as though, having read more than a hundred books on personal development, it was time to write my own.

My children were now teenagers and only appeared at meal times. Coaching clients were still very thin on the ground and my ideas of becoming a Business Coach had come and gone, so I had time on my hands. Time and space, I was learning, are very, very valuable commodities, especially when one has lived a life where they are very scarce.

My first book I called “Incondition for Life”. It was a cathartic look at where my life had brought me to. It was my in-depth look at where I was right then at that point in my life. It defined the journey I had been taking and the changes I required myself to make to walk into my future.

Like all budding authors, I had visions of publishing a New York Times Bestseller and retiring for ever on the profits. It was many years later that I realised that my books are primarily for me. They are a gift from my Inner Coach. They are my Journey and my Inner Coach had many things for me to learn about money, provision, abundance, enough and contentment before I was to become Wealthy.

I can now see the valuable lessons that I would never have learned had my first book been a phenomenal publishing success. Becoming a best-selling author would have been my fate not my destiny. It is not my destiny to have to write for a living, committed to a publishing contract that deprives me of my time and space.

I don’t write for a living. I live to write. Writing fulfils my ‘True Values’ of ‘Creating Awareness’ and ‘Discovering the Unknown’. Writing connects me to my Inner Coach; it connects my Self to my Soul.

I now realise that if I needed to write for a living, I was making a statement that there was something missing in my life and I was not being supported on my path with everything that I need.

I now know that I do not need to do anything in life except allow my Life to be the expression of who I choose my Self to be in Life.

My Power comes from who I am being right now. What I am doing is just the vehicle through which I am able to express it. It had taken me 30 years of hard work to realise that money didn’t make me happy, chasing money exhausted my power and that money would never make me truly happy.

I retired from work 7 years ago. Actually I retired from working for other people. I now only work with other people. I no longer work for money, though I am not averse to people paying me what they consider I am worth when I deliver a service that is of value to them.  Technically I am self-employed but it would be more accurate to describe myself as soul-employed.

I earn very little, but right now very little is enough. I have learned that with enough I am satisfied, when I am satisfied I am content, when I am content I have everything that I want and need in this moment of time, and when I want for nothing my life is abundant. I have also learned that the quickest way to have everything that I want is to want for nothing – instant abundance.

I do not live in poverty and I do not live in extravagance, I have enough. Before I could have enough, I had to define what enough for me is. The hardest part of my journey to date has been getting rid of my ‘scarcity mentality’ and replacing it with an ‘abundance mentality’. If you don’t know that you live in abundance – then you don’t. It has absolutely nothing to do with money but I had to get into an enormous amount of debt first, and become bankrupt, before I learned my lesson about money.

Being financially bankrupt is not too difficult when one is emotionally solvent. By the time I filed for bankruptcy, I had worked on my beliefs sufficiently to know that my power did not come from money but who I am ‘Being’. Had I been emotionally bankrupt as well, then life could well have become unbearable.

My advice to anyone contemplating bankruptcy is to give up debt first – permanently. The one thing that is worse than declaring bankruptcy is to have to do it twice.

I was fortunate to have married my soul-mate two days before I retired on my 50th birthday. She was to be the rock that supported me through those years of financial insolvency. I had amassed my debts over a period of 7 years since my redundancy money had run out. It was now time to sell up and start a new life with a new wife in a new land. We bought a motor-home and 3 weeks after the wedding, everything we owned that didn’t fit into our new home on wheels, went to the auction room. Instant de-cluttering, instant non-attachment, instant downsizing and we were on our way to France.

Six months later we were renting a cottage in Cumbria and it was time to write my 2nd book. It’s called “The Third Way”. The third way is how I overcome the dual reality existence of physical life. It is written from a Divine Perspective and explains one example of how and why this world was created. It is based on the principle that the only way to uncreate what has already been created is to understand how and why it was created.

I now live my life on the basis that when I have one choice, I have no choice, if I have two options I have a choice, and when I am confronted with two choices, that is a dilemma and I will choose the 3rd choice, which is always divine. Dual reality always offers two opposing choices. The way to overcome duality is to find the third way and the only way to do that is to understand the dilemmas that are created by the paradox of life.

It was at this time that I realised that Life Coaching was taking a back seat, primarily due to the absence of clients and the lack of opportunity to network my business. I figured that this was just part of my journey through the desert and came to realise that what was really important to me was my journey and coaching didn’t appear to be on the agenda. In fact it was five years later when my 2nd marriage was heading for divorce and I relocated back to the South Coast of England, that coaching once again became a major part of my life.

In the 5 years that I lived and walked in the hills and the valleys of the Lake District, I wrote 2 more books.

My third book is called “Without Sin”. In this book I learned all about the 7 deadly sins and the 7 heavenly virtues. I learned big distinctions between pride & arrogance, greed & gluttony, wrath & anger, humility & humbleness, but above all I learned that sin is not an ungodly act but a state of being that is not divine because it is a state of being without. I am in sin when I am without something, not when I have done something wrong. I overcome being without when I discover my divine attributes. Attaining Divine Attributes allows one to overcome dual reality and be without sin and to ‘Be’, without being without.

Having clarified where I was and where I wanted to be in my first two books, my third book is my manual of how I am going to get to where I want to be.

My 4th book, “The Theory of Everything” brings together the physical and spiritual aspects of my journey and brings my life into balance. It enabled me to overcome fear and regain my power. I am on a journey to consciously create my own reality, my ideal world, here on Earth. Before I could bring heaven to earth, I had to understand what or whose version of Heaven I was creating. In order to live my life to the full, I had to define what living life to the full entailed.

My life in the beautiful hills of the North West of England came to an end with the end of my 2nd marriage. Our marriage didn’t fail. It was a complete success. Alas our successful partnership was also complete. We had learned so much from each other and helped each other so much on own individual journeys for it to be called in any way a failure. Yet we were on separate journeys that had united for a very special period of time, and that time had drawn to a close.

One day I went to the top of a mountain and found myself sitting there. I was on a three day camping trip in the middle of nowhere. Just after dawn on the third day, I walked to the top of the highest hill that I could find. The views were stunning but there was something even more amazing that I witnessed. As I looked across to the summit of an adjacent hill, I saw my own shadow sitting there. Encircling my shadow was the most beautiful rainbow that I have ever seen. The very act of bringing together my shadow, the hill, the sun, the mist, and the rainbow, was a coincidence of unnatural proportions. I knew in that moment that it was time to become faithful to my path.

I walked down that mountain in Cumbria with a bottle of water, a packet of ginger biscuits and not a penny in my pocket. Three days later I had hitch-hiked to the South Coast of England, and I am still there today. I learned on that journey that when I trust my intuition completely, I am totally supported and totally guided on my journey.

It was sometime later that I realised that the journey to the top of my mountain had actually taken me 50 years. For the first half of my life, I had been literally climbing a mountain. I also realised that some people never reach the top and others reach the top and then find another mountain to climb.

I, however, had awakened to the 2nd half of my journey, which was to take me from the mountain top back down to the ocean, from whence I came. I had three choices: I could stay on top of my mountain and just enjoy the views; I could climb down the mountain and encounter all the problems that I encountered on my ascent; or I could take the effortless path and follow the river.

A river flows effortlessly to the ocean. It may encounter some rapids on its way but it never, ever flows uphill. It was time to immerse myself in my Spiritual river and flow effortlessly back to my Source.

Moses came down the mountain with his Ten Commandments. I already had my 7 Core Beliefs. I came down the mountain with a very deep and exclusive connection to my Inner Coach. From that day forward and every day since I have kept a journal of my journey. It is not a diary of what I do each day but a Daily Life Lesson on my Journey of Personal Spiritual Development & Growth.

In July 2007 I started to publish my daily writings on my Blog at www.theinnercoach.eu. Today I published my 785th post and I am still writing every day.

My  e-book “Daily Life Lessons for 2008” is available as a download on my web-site, as will my “Daily Life Lessons for 2009” when I put them into e-book format next January 2010. I know my daily journaling will continue until December 2012, by which time my daily life lessons will extend to 5 volumes. The realisation that I have at least 3 more years of daily spiritual learning is both inspiring and empowering, as is the fulfilment and enjoyment that I receive from this simple act of communication with the ‘Higher Self’, that is my Inner Coach.

I have learned that not only is my life a journey of two halves, but my spiritual journey is a journey of two halves. The first part of my spiritual journey is called personal development and both Reiki and Life Coaching are fundamental to that part of my journey. The 2nd part of my spiritual journey is called spiritual growth. The 3rd part of my journey I am not yet aware of.

My Journey of Personal Development started with my ‘spiritual awakening’ in 1998 and I am still developing my ‘Self’. My Self, or my ego, is my conscious sense of who I am.  Ten years on I am feeling much happier (content, fulfilled and joyful) with who I am Being, as I am being my True Self more and more. I grow spiritually as I learn who I am being, who I choose to be, and consciously choose a higher aspect of my Self to become. Before I can grow spiritually however, I have to develop my Self personally, because I realised that myself had been developed in my early years by other people. My parents, my relatives, my friends, my religion, my educators, my employers, and assorted others, all had a hand in my early development as a person. They helped me develop the personality and the character that they knew me to be. This had been my fate and it was time to follow my destiny.

There are 3 distinct aspects to my Personal Development or the development of my Self. What I am developing is my personal ability, which is the product of my personal power and my personal authority.

The development of my personal power and authority is a process of overcoming my lack of personal power and authority, which determines my lack of ability or my inability to create and live my life to the full.

My lack of power is expressed through my emotional needs. What I need emotionally is an expression of my lack of emotional power.

My lack of authority is expressed through my sub-conscious beliefs that are limiting me. I call them my limiting beliefs.

Inspired revelations are the Truth that empowers me. Limiting beliefs are the ‘truths’ that disempower me.

When I change my beliefs, I change what is true for me and I change the reality that I am experiencing. Do I have the authority to do this? Yes, as long as I believe that I do. When I believe that I can change my reality, then I can. When I can change my reality by changing my beliefs about my reality, I am taking responsibility for creating my own reality. Before I can do this however, I have to take responsibility for the reality that I have already chosen.

My lack of power and authority creates the dramas that are currently appearing as my reality in life.

My vision for my life is:

“To live in a world where everyone is in control of their own power, their own authority, and is responsible for their own actions”.

My personal development therefore is totally aligned with my vision for this life-time. It is what I have come here to do.

I cannot create a world where everyone is in control of their own power and authority, but I can create a world where I am. By the Law of Attraction, I have to become the change that I wish to see in my world, because then I will attract that world to me. Other people to whom I relate are, and always will be, a direct reflection of who I am being.

Other people’s power and authority will always be a reflection of my own. There will never be any shortage of participants in whatever dramas I choose to create in this world. Whether I am the hero of my life or the victim is entirely up to me.

In the past, I have been a victim of both my emotional needs and my limiting beliefs. I no longer allow either to victimise me.

Coach University introduced me to the existence of my emotional needs. Prior to this, I was an emotional cripple who lived in a very rational world. Emotional Intelligence or my EQ is my ability to understand my Self emotionally. It is my ability to understand my emotions in a rational way, by becoming emotionally-rational.

I had been driven for 30 years by my emotional need to achieve. My emotional need to achieve was driven by my emotional need for approval. I sub-consciously believed that failure equals disapproval. The purpose of my achievement was to be of service to people who needed me. My emotional need to be needed gave me a reason and a purpose. It gave my life a meaning. This was before I discovered my True Purpose. I knew at a very deep level that I was not here just to propagate my genes even before I knew that I have a destiny.

My purpose for my life is:

“To attain the Well-being of Health, Wealth & Wisdom; the Happiness of being Content, Fulfilled & Joyful; & the Expansiveness of being Accepting, Approving & Allowing”.

Sub-consciously getting my emotional needs met took up the majority of the first half of my life because I wasn’t consciously in control of my power. Learning what my emotional needs are and learning to meet my emotional needs myself, allowed me not only to consciously manage my emotional power, but also to move away from relationships that were co-dependent to relationships that were either inter-dependent or inter-developmental. I discovered my true purpose for relationship – to help me personally develop and grow.

The paradox is that I need my power to access my power. In order to build up my power to the point where my sub-conscious is happy to allow me to consciously manage my emotional energy required my attention first to my tolerations and then to my boundaries.

My tolerations in life are whatever I am draining my energy to. They are my ‘have to’s’, my ‘ought to’s’, my ‘shoulds’ and my ‘musts’. I also tolerate negative experiences from my past and expectations of my future, which I refer to as my ‘ifs’ and my ‘buts’. All of these had to go.

My boundaries are the standards of behaviour that I find acceptable from other people. These I had to clarify and enforce. In the process of clarifying my boundaries, I also had to clarify my own personal standards, the behaviour that I find acceptable from myself; otherwise I would be committing myself to hypocrisy.

In the process of clarifying my standards, I discovered that most of my standards I had inherited from other people.

My morals came from my religion, my principles came from my family, my ethics came from my culture, my rules and laws came from my government, and my values came from what I needed emotionally. All of these I decided had to go. I was living under the authority of other people and this was no longer my own personal choice.

It was no longer acceptable for me to have standards that were limiting me. It was also no longer acceptable for me to have beliefs that were limiting me. Personal Development cannot thrive in an environment of limitation, confinement, boundaries and normality that defined my comfort zone.

I originally believed that my journey through France in a Motor-home was to discover a new life in a foreign location. I have subsequently come to understand that this was my ideal opportunity to become conscious of many of my limiting beliefs and to change them for beliefs that serve me better.

By the time I had relocated back to England, I had challenged over 450 limiting beliefs and clarified my “7 Core Beliefs”.  These core beliefs are now central to the creation of my Ideal world and form the very foundation on which it is built.

Fundamentally, I now believe that “we are all equal”; “we all have choice”; “there is enough of everything for everyone”; “love is the way”; “life just is, whatever I create it to be”; “I have my own path to follow” and “others each have their individual path to follow”.

I am still becoming conscious of my limiting beliefs. On average I clear about 70 per year. There appears to be no end to the depths of my sub-conscious mind. There is also no end to the height of the inspired thoughts that I consistently receive as little gems of wisdom from my Higher Self. I have just published, in e-book format, my first 365 Revelations from my Inner Coach.

The process of Personal Development is for me an exercise in my becoming conscious of the working of my sub-conscious mind. It is not about defeating my shadow self but more a case of embracing my shadow in order to shine some ‘light’ upon it. My sub-conscious after all does a very efficient job of running my physical body without me having to consciously think about it. All I am choosing to do is to take conscious control of where my power and authority comes from because without my power and authority, spiritual growth is not possible.

My Journey of Spiritual Growth started when I came down the mountain in 2005. Personal Development occurs with the co-operation between my ego Self and my sub-conscious Id. Spiritual Growth occurs with the co-operation between my physical Self and my spiritual Self – my Soul.

My Soul seeks to be ‘Expansive’ through the experiences of my Self. My Self seeks to be ‘Well’ & ‘Happy’ that is the natural state of being of my Soul. My Self is happy and well when following the guidance and direction of my Soul. My Soul becomes expansive with the well-being & happiness of my Self.

I just have to discern what makes me well and happy and my Soul becomes expansive through me. I quickly realised that the best way to be well and happy is to eliminate from my life everything that I believe makes me unhappy and unwell and choose to do only what I truly value.

My journey really is about healing myself, redeeming my divine attributes, overcoming the dualities of life and finding my inner teacher, who is the messiah that allows me to follow my own path and become my saviour.

I not only have to discover the attributes and attainments that make my life divine, I also have to experience them, live them, and consciously learn to be them.

I realise that this would be an impossible journey without the support and guidance of my Inner Coach. My Inner Guidance System is essential to my alignment with my path.

My Inner Guidance System is my Intuition; my Intuition is my Inner Tutor that guides me. My spiritual growth therefore requires the development of my Intuition that allows my communication with my Real Self. My 3 spiritual senses of ‘seeing’, feeling’ & ‘knowing’ are essential to my path.

My Spiritual Growth is a journey of ‘becoming’. On my personal journey, I am becoming Approving, Accepting, Allowing, Attesting, Affirming, Acknowledging, & Appreciating. I am attaining the Prime Attributes of Being: Exclusively-Connected; Sensitively-Detached; & Emotionally-Rational.

This is who I am, and this is why I am here. I am fulfilling my Destiny. I am well & I am happy and my Self and my Soul is in Gratitude & Appreciation for my contribution to my Life.

Keith Collins                                                     October 2009

My Journey