“What Is Coaching?”

What Is A Coach?

A Coach is a person who guides and supports another on their path of personal or professional development.

A Personal Development Coach or Life Coach guides & supports someone on their path of development in life.

A Professional Development Coach, Corporate Coach or Business Coach guides & supports someone on their path to develop their business or their role in their business or chosen professional occupation.

What defines a Coach as distinct from a Teacher, Trainer, Consultant or Therapist is that the process is always client driven and not practitioner driven.

A Coach focuses on hearing and clarifying the development path of the client not the Coach.

The primary skills of a Coach are the ability to listen and to empower.

Listening facilitates the connection of the client to the direction of their development path.

Empowering supports the client to follow their direction with clarity.

A client’s potential is realised through the awareness of the authority that they hear and the magnitude of the emotional power that they feel.

What Does A Coach Do?

The purpose of a Coach is to clarify the direction of a client’s personal development path to facilitate their growth as a person.

A path of development is evident by any evidence of their resistance to their development.

Life ideally is designed to flow effortlessly and with harmony & balance.

Wherever life experiences resistance to this natural flow there is an opportunity for personal development and growth.

Whilst Managers find solutions to problems, Coaches clarify opportunities for development.

An opportunity for development is called a ‘shift’, which is always a change in personal perspective.

A negative perspective is always confusing, frustrating or disempowering and will hinder personal ability & potential.

A Coach supports the client to alter their perspective to a more empowering outlook.

The better the outlook, the better the outcome because a more empowered perspective is always an opportunity to realise personal potential.

Only the client really knows which perspectives are more empowering for them, so only the client really knows the best direction to take and the best choice to make.

A more empowered direction always feels better, best or good.

What Is A Life Coach?

The purpose of any journey is to get from one situation to another.

The purpose of a Life Coach is to facilitate that journey.

The most important journey in my life is the one that takes me along my own unique & individual life path towards my destiny.

An exclusive path through life requires an exclusive means of transport to reach that destination.

The destination of my life path is called my destiny.

Whatever happens on my journey can be my unconscious fate or my conscious choice.

Using a Coach is a conscious choice.

The role of a Life Coach is to ensure that the journey is enjoyable & effortless, whilst holding the vision of the destination.

Life journeys are a mystery tour.

An effective Life Coach allows the mystery tour to unfold so that the miracle of the experience can be fully experienced and appreciated.

Once we know our own unique and exclusive path in life is guided by our own individual Vision for our Life, we are able to re-orient our life around the choices that have true value for us.

Once the client has full conscious-awareness of their own Vision & True Values in their life, the Life Coach has completed their assignment.

What is the Art of Coaching?

The Art of Coaching is the experience of balance, beauty & flow.

Science rationally determines the skills required when navigating a physical process and education trains those skills effectively.

The Art of Life is to master its emotional experiences.

When life flows effortlessly, I feel the balance that allows the beauty of life to be experienced.

The purpose of art is pure enjoyment, whilst the enjoyment of art is pure emotion.

The pure emotion of enjoyment comes with the flow, balance & beauty in my appreciation of my art.

Guiding & supporting another to flow in balance and appreciate that beauty is the enjoyment of coaching.

It is sharing one’s art and sharing one’s enjoyment by flowing harmoniously together in the purity of the beauty of a balanced experience.

This world is truly an artistic masterpiece, once we share that beauty of living in a flowing & balanced way.

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