“Three Types Of Coaching”

There are many types of Coaching. Here are three different niches for different types of clients.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaches train coaching skills & leadership qualities in a consultative way.

They facilitate the successful achievement of management objectives.

Corporate Coaches promote the achievement of results through team work.

They employ a consultative and less directive style of managing a business.

Adding coaching skills & leadership qualities to a manager’s repertoire of abilities can considerably enhance the manager’s ability to manage better.

Corporate Coaches coach Managers.

Executive Coaches coach business Owners & Directors.

Corporate Coaches coach team leaders.

Executive Coaches coach business leaders.

Managers require skills, leaders require qualities.

Leading a management team requires qualities & skills.

This is particularly relevant in small businesses where the business owners or directors are also managing the business and employing the staff.

Corporate Coaches specialise in coaching the qualities that allow managers to use their skills effectively.

Executive Life Coaching

Executive Life Coaching is Life Coaching for Executives and executive coaching for life.

Business Executives do not clock on and off.

Their business is their life.

The qualities of personal attributes & attainments required to be a leader in business are the same as those required to lead a great life.

Successful executives are living their dream.

Failed executives forgot their dream because they forgot to dream.

Everyone dreams of an ideal life, yet very few get around to focusing on
the detail.

Executive Life Coaching facilitates the learning of a better quality of life.

My quality of life is determined by the personal qualities with which I live my life.

Inferior life qualities cannot attract a superior quality of life.

The better the personal qualities that I attain and can attribute to my Self, the better my ability to lead a better life and be a better leader.

Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching guides & supports a transition in personal development & growth.

A transition in personal development involves a shift from one state of being to a better state of being.

It is a transition to the better experience of a higher state of being.

A higher state of being expresses a purer emotion that is attributable to my Self.

To attribute a purer wavelength of emotion, I am required to attain a purer frequency of thought.

A pure frequency of thought has a pure vibration and is conveyed as a pure wavelength of emotion.

I develop & grow, as an individual person, as I shift my perspective of who I am and why I am here.

As I challenge my limiting beliefs with pure thoughtful truths, I shift my perspective and grow my vibrational authority.

As I consciously meet my emotional needs, I increase my perception and expand my vibrational power.

As my vibrational ability expands & grows, my emotional experiences appreciate and my quality of life improves.

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