“Three Stages Of Coaching”

There are Three Stages of Coaching required to attain an effortless life:

Stage One requires a Mentor.

A Mentor’s role is to guide and support the client to become problem-free.

Stage Two requires a Therapist.

A Therapist’s role is to clarify the client’s challenges.

My challenges are my own unique set of fears, limiting beliefs & emotional needs.

Once I have challenged all my limiting beliefs and met all my emotional needs, I become pain-free and I become fear-free.

Stage Three requires a Tutor.

A Tutor’s role is to clarify the student’s opportunities.

Pain, fear & problems are all challenges to be overcome before my opportunities can be seen clearly.

Before I can clearly see the direction of my opportunity, I am required to hear my messages.

A Tutor hears the messages that align the client with their effortless path in life.

A Mentor is a level one Coach.

A Mentor has previous experience of the path that the client is following.

They facilitate the path of the coachee.

The skill of the mentor is to allow the mentee to make their own choices.

It is not the role of the mentor to teach the right path to follow.

The right choice for the client is the path that they know and feel is right for them.

The role of a level one coach is to align the client with their effortless path.

Stage one on their path is to overcome problems.

It is not the mentor’s role to overcome or solve the problems that the client faces.

It is the coach’s role to guide & support the client to become problem-free.

Once problem-free the coachee can clearly see their challenges.

The Mentors role is to hear and to clarify the client’s challenges.

A Therapist is a level two coach.

A therapist understands the challenges that a client faces.

Our challenges come from within, never without.

Other people do not challenge me.

A therapist never challenges the client.

A therapist allows the client to see their own challenges clearly, which is the skill of being challenging.

We are all challenged by our fears, our limiting beliefs & our emotional needs.

The therapist enables the client by reconnecting them to their power & their authority.

I am only ever challenged by a lack of emotional power.

My emotional power is depleted by my lack of mental authority.

My lack of authority is my greatest challenge.

My fears & limiting beliefs disallow my authority and cause my emotional needs that manifest the dramas in my life that challenge me.

Meeting those challenges requires a therapist that applies a therapy that is a treat and a treat meant for me.

A Tutor is a level three coach.

A Personal Tutor never teaches.

A personal tutor facilitates the learning of their student.

A tutor asks the questions that reconnect the student to their own answers.

A teacher answers questions whereas, a tutor asks the questions.

A pupil requires the answers from their teacher.

A student requires the questions from their tutor.

When the tutor asks the right question, the student already has the right answer.

A teacher works with rational knowledge.

A tutor works with intuitive knowing.

A tutor requires both rational & emotional intelligence.

It is my spiritual intelligence that connects me to my Inner Tutor.

It is spiritual intelligence that allows the tutor to connect their student to their own Inner Coach and intuitive guidance system.

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