“Levels of Coaching”

Coaching is a connection of two minds in communication.

The role of the Coach is to ask questions.

The task of the Coachee is to find the answers.

The Levels of Coaching are determined by how, where, and when the Coachee accesses the answers.

A level of coaching is determined by whether:

  • It accesses the Conscious, Sub-Conscious or Super-Conscious Mind
  • It is a Dependent, an Inter-dependent or an Inter-developmental Relationship
  • It addresses the future, the past or the present moment of time
  • It is intellectual, instinctive or intuitive
  • It solves problems, meets challenges or explores opportunities
  • It utilises motivation, self-motivation or empowerment
  • It is mentoring based, treatment based or transformational
  • It is professional development, personal development or self-development

The Coach’s level of Coaching is determined by their personal skill of:

  • Listening
  • Empowering
  • Strategising

And their  personal attributes of being:

  • Emotionally Intelligent
  • Sensitively Detached
  • Exclusively Connected

A Coach is only able to Coach to the level of attainment of their Personal Skills & Attributes.

Level One Coaching

Level One Coaching communicates at the level of the Conscious Mind.

It is a Dependent Relationship where the Coachee depends on the Coach to move them forward.

It is about developing a better future based on the past experience of the Coach.

It is an intellectual exercise that is most beneficial for problem-solving.

Problem-solving is an essential pre-requisite to professional development.

A level one Coach is often called a Mentor.

A Mentor-Coach has prior knowledge and experience of the standards and the boundaries required for the Coachee to achieve their desired goals.

They can see a clear picture of where the client wants to be and how to get them there.

The Coachee will need motivation from the Coach to overcome any resistance to change.

The Coach’s main skill is to strategise.

The essential attribute of the Coach is their rational and emotional intelligence.


Level Two Coaching

Level Two Coaching communicates at a Sub-conscious level of the Mind.

It is an Interdependent Relationship that requires an empathic and a compassionate approach from the Coach.

The challenge is to clear past blockages and limitations.

It is an instinctive exercise that meets emotional needs and allows the creation of new beliefs and perspectives.

It challenges the client to own their own beliefs and connect with their own inner power.

A level two Coach is often called a Hypnotherapist, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist or a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer.

A Therapist connects the client to their sub-conscious programming in order to facilitate the shifting of blockages.

They help the client to understand where they are now and how they got there.

Level two coaching is the cornerstone of Personal Development and is designed to assist the client to become self-actualised, self-motivated and to take responsibility for making their own decisions.

The core skill of the Coach is Empowerment.

The essential attainments of the Coach are the attributes of Sensitivity & Detachment.


Level Three Coaching

Level Three Coaching communicates at the level of the Super-conscious Mind.

It connects the Coachee with their Soul, True Identity or Real Self.

It is an Inter-developmental Relationship where the coach is at One with the Coachee.

It is about accessing the presence of the present moment of Now.

It is an intuitive exercise that assists the Coachee to feel, see and know who they really are.

It facilitates the clarification of the Coachee’s own unique opportunities for life.

A Transformative Coach operates at level three.

It is about the Self Development of the client.

It helps them to see where they are now, where they want to be and how they are going to get there.

Level Three Coaching connects the Coachee to their own personal Vision, Mission and Purpose for their life, as well as identifying their True Values.

It allows the client to experience their own empowered inspiration and revelations.

The core skill of the Coach is to Listen & Hear the client.

The essential attribute of the Coach is their exclusive-connection to Life.




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