“Four Free Choices”

In Life, we all have choice: As well as choosing to be being pain-free, fear-free & problem-free; I also choose to be blame-free, accident-free, need-free and limit-free.

1.      Being Blame-Free

When I am being Blame-Free, I am no longer guilty of being the villain.

When I am no longer guilty of being the villain, I am no longer the innocent victim.

Being blame-free allows me to overcome the duality of being guilty or innocent, which creates both a victim & a villain of my Self.

I am no longer the cause of other people’s victimhood and other people’s problems.

I am no longer judged to be right or wrong.

Neither am I condemned for my actions.

Nor am I committed to be sentenced and punished.

All my words praise my Self and none of them curse me.

Other people do not create my reality.

I create my own reality without judgment or condemnation of my Self.

I accept both my covenant and my providence.

I appreciate my Soul being blame-free.

2.      Being Accident-Free

Being Accident-Free comes with the realisation that nothing occurs by chance.

Chance is my belief in fortune & misfortune.

It is the belief that my fortune is down to luck.

My belief in chance allows my experience to be both unfortunate and unlucky.

My bad luck is always a false perspective.

It is my false perspective of life that allows my Self to miss my fortune.

My fortune is my allowance.

When I am in tune with my fortune, there is no chance of bad luck.

I never take a chance.

I always take an opportunity.

Opportunities are never accidental, always co-incidental.

Accidents are a problem.

Being accident-free is my choice and my opportunity for expansive growth.

3.      Being Need-Free

When I am being Need-Free, there is nothing that I need.

The only thing that I really ever need is emotional power.

With enough emotional power there is nothing else that I need.

I need enough emotional power to be free.

Providentially, emotional power is free.

Being free allows my Self enough emotional power to be free.

Before I can be need-free, I am required to need less.

Needing less requires my Self to consciously manage getting what I need to flow to my Self effortlessly.

When I am being sub-consciously driven to get my emotional needs met, I will expend more energy in my endeavours than I will receive in return.

I remain the victim of my sub-conscious need for emotional power, unless I am the villain that steals it from other people.

When I see the value of what I need emotionally, I know my own needs and I feel the value of consciously getting them met my Self by doing exactly what has true value for me.

When I see only the true value of what is occurring in my life, I am need-free.

4.      Being Limit-Free

Being Limit-Free, I recognise that my boundaries have no limit.

My boundaries are the limit of my comfort zone within which my emotional energy is secure.

They are a reflection of my own standards of behaviour based on my own principles, ethics and moral beliefs.

Boundaries are the standards of behaviour that I expect from other people.

They are formed by the limitations of my mental beliefs about life.

Beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone reside my fears.

Extending my boundaries allows me to become boundless and limitless.

Being boundless & limitless is my journey towards becoming unlimited and free.

Being limit-free requires that I am totally unaffected by or dependent on the actions and behaviour of other people.

I walk my path with sensitive detachment, totally unrestricted by the concerns and actions of others.

I know that I create my own reality irrespective of what anyone else thinks, says or does.

I am free of any limitations on my expansive journey through life.

Being limit-free means that there is no limit to what I can choose, experience or attain.

November 2012

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