“Choosing Options or Choice”

Choosing is deciding between Options.

It is deciding what I want & desire or what I need with a passion.

Choosing is an option of my ego self.

I have an option to choose and an option not to choose.

When an option is seen as a choice, I am unaware of my true choice.

My true choice is already chosen.

I do not have to make a choice as it is already chosen.

My true choice is my Soul’s Choice.

My Soul always gives my Self a choice but never an option.

I do not have to choose an option; just accept my choice for my Self.

My choice is ever present as my Soul’s present to my Self.

Opting to always choose

My Soul’s Choice requires intuition.

Knowing My Choice

I know my choice intuitively.

Intelligently rating options is an activity of a mind that is intuitively disconnected.

With my intuitive connection, I have no need to rationalise my options.

There are no pros or cons to deliberate.

There is just an intuitive knowing of what I have already chosen for my Self.

When I know my choice, choosing is unnecessary as all other options are irrelevant.

My choice intuitively knows what is right for my Self.

With intuitive knowing, choice becomes absolute and no longer relative to my past

experiences of life.

Choice becomes absolute and choosing options becomes obsolete.

Feeling My Choice

The right choice for my Self feels right for me.

Whatever feels right for me is right for me.

My positive feelings are intuitive.

I intuitively feel what is right for my Self.

What is right for my Self always comes with a feeling of emotional power from my Soul.

My Soul’s emotional power accompanies my Soul’s mindful authority.

My Soul never presents me with what is wrong for my Self.

Feeling that something is wrong is a prerogative of my ego self not my Soul.

Only my ego self has the option to choose between right & wrong and good & bad feelings.

Bad feelings are the result of wrong beliefs caused by a false perspective that creates a fear or

a limiting belief.

My Soul is unlimited and empowered by Love.

Seeing My Choice

I do not see my choice with my visible eye-sight.

I use my eyes to see my options.

I see my choice intuitively.

I see my choice when I intuitively know & feel it to be my choice.

Seeing intuitively requires the removal of all the blockages that are obscuring my Inner


My Soul’s vision for my Self is my Soul’s choice for my Self to see.

Seeing my vision is my choice.

My life-vision is my choice of my ideal life.

Choosing my ideal life is my vision.

My inner tutor guides me intuitively along my preferred path.

My inner guidance system is my intuition.

My inner vision sees my path intuitively.

My path is my path of choice that I follow by seeing my choice not by choosing my options.

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