“An Effortless Life”

An Effortless Life is pain-free, fear-free & problem-free.

The level of pain, fear & problems that I encounter in life is determined by the level of my personal, power, authority & ability.

Pain has no power.

Pain is the lack of emotional power.

With enough emotional power, there is no pain.

Living life without emotional power is painful.

As I grow in the power of my self-worth, life becomes pain-less.

My omnipotent power is pain-free.

Being pain-free is the pathway to my potential.

Emotional power is the antidote to pain.

My emotional body is the storehouse of my power.

It is also where I store my pain.

Whatever emotional state I am being, is an expression of either my power or my pain.

Unexpressed power is stored as pain.

Fear has no authority.

Fear is the lack of mental authority.

With enough mental authority, there is no fear.

Living an unauthorised life is fearful.

As I grow in the confidence of my authority, life becomes fear-less.

My omniscient authority is free of fear.

Being fear-free is the pathway of authority.

Mental authority is the antidote to fear.

My mental body is the storehouse of my truth.

It is also where I store my fear.

Whatever beliefs that I hold are an expression of my true authority or my fear.

They express either my growth or my limitation.

My limiting beliefs are stored as fears.

Problems have no ability.

Problems are the lack of ability.

With enough physical ability, there is no problem.

Living life without the ability is problematic.

As I grow in the ability of my self-esteem, life becomes less of a problem.

An omnipresent ability is problem-free.

Being problem-free is the pathway to my physical ability.

My physical ability is the antidote to problems.

My physical body enables me.

It is also the cause of my problems.

The ability of my physical body is relative to the power of my emotional body and the authority of my mental body.

My omnipresent ability is proportional to my omnipotent power and my omniscient authority.

My effortless life is pain-free, fear-free & problem-free.

It has the personal power, authority & ability to see and to accept every opportunity that is present.

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