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What The Purpose Of Life Is!

The Purpose of Life is to experience choice.

The purpose of Human Life is to experience a choice of choices.

Human Beings can experience the choice that they have chosen on purpose, as their life purpose, or they can choose to have no purpose in life and search for their purpose, or choose not to.

The purpose of life is to allow choice to become a reality by realising it as a reality of choice.

My life is the experience of the reality of my choice.

Realising my choice is my real life experience.

The purpose of life is for whatever reason I give it meaning.

We are all here in life on purpose.

Life is not an accident.

Even when I believe that life is an accident with no apparent purpose, I still get to experience my choice of an accidental life with no purpose.

The purpose of life is to realise & to experience exactly whatever I choose to believe to be true.

I can search for the truth or I can live out my fantasy.

I can live a fantastic life, I can live a lie or I can make any reality my truth.

The experience of my choice is my purpose in life.

As choice is personal to each & every individual human being, the purpose of life is individually unique & exclusive to everyone.

Even when I choose a collective, common & inclusive life, this is still my unique, individual & exclusive choice.

The purpose of my life is my choice, as is the purpose of your life your choice.

Even when the highest choice for one’s Self is to withhold one’s purpose for life, on purpose.

What Music Is!

Music is a series of physical sounds that convey emotional feelings.

A sound is a vibration of matter that I hear with my physical sense of hearing.

An emotion is an energy vibration that I experience with my intuitive sense of feeling.

A physical sound without any emotional feeling is just a noise.

A noise that affects me emotionally is not necessarily musical.

Music is a sound that is in harmony with my own emotional feelings.

Without the emotional feelings of the musician, I cannot be in emotional harmony with the music.

Unless I connect emotionally to music, it is just a composition of different sounds.

Music is the composition of varying sound frequencies from a musical instrument that are conveyed on the emotional wavelength of the musician.

What makes a musician musical is the tone, pitch or melody of the emotion with which their instrument is played with bass, treble or balance.

Vocal chords are the musical instrument of a singer.

Emotional feeling determines the musicality of the musician.

The musicality of the emotional feeling is relative to the empowered thoughts of the musician being received by the audience.

The audience are those who receive the music both audibly & emotionally.

Music is a language of the Soul.

It is neither the notes of a musical instrument nor the lyrics of a song that convey the language of the music.

The language of music is the different wavelengths of emotion that are transmitted through the musicality of sound.

Music is a composition of emotional thoughts conveyed through the medium of physical sound by a musician.

Without a musician, there is no music.

Without an audience, there is no appreciation of the music.

What My Mental Capacity Is!

My Mental Capacity is the authority of my thought.

My thought is authorised by its Author.

When my ego self is the author of my thinking, my mental capacity is limited to my personal knowledge & experience of life.

When my Soul is the Author of my Thoughts, I have unlimited access to my inspired, intuitive, creative imagination.

The mental capacity of my inspired, intuitive, imaginative creativity is infinitely capable.

As my thoughts are creating my reality, my mental capacity is a measure of my ability to create my reality consciously.

My mental capacity is positively creative when intuitively aligned with the imagination of my Soul.

Conversely, my mental capacity is negatively destructive when aligned with the fears & limiting beliefs of my ego’s id.

My mental capacity is a measure of my connection to the creative capability of my Mind.

The capacity of my mind can be sub-consciously limited or super-consciously expansive.

My mental capacity is limited by the negative beliefs & fears that are stored as programmes in my sub-conscious id.

My mental capacity is expansively exercised through the intuitive imagination of my super-conscious Soul.

My mental capacity is a measure of my ability to connect to my higher mind & my intuitive thoughts.

When I am in two minds my mental capacity is in a dilemma.

The mental capacity of my lower mind is measured by my ability to recall stored intelligence and use it intelligently for intellectual reasoning.

The intellectual reasoning of my lower mind is limited only by the beliefs that I believe to be true.

Whereas my lower mind has the gift of reasoning, my higher mind has the presence of being all knowing.

What My Emotional Competence Is!

My Emotional Competence is a measure of the competence of my emotions.

The competence of an emotion is its power to be positively beneficial.

Negative emotions have no power and are an expression of incompetence.

Positive emotions are positively beneficial when they are being powerfully creative.

My emotional competence is my creative power.

The power to consciously create & experience beneficial emotions is my competence.

The more competence that I have, the more beneficial is my emotional experience of life.

My emotional competence allows my Self the ability to consciously choose an emotional state of being with the awareness of its power.

When my state of being is emotionally competent, I can meet any challenge in life without failure.

My emotional competence is a measure of my ability to allow my emotional power to flow without entropy or resistance.

My only incompetence is my failure to connect to my emotional power.

With enough emotional competence, I see everything in life as a creative opportunity.

When I competently see every opportunity in life, I competently take every opportunity in life.

My emotional competence is my power to connect to my emotional power.

The paradox of emotional competence is that I need emotional power to connect to my emotional power.

My emotional competence is a measure of my ability to flow effortlessly with life.

That’s powerful!

Who A Buddha Is!

A Buddha is one who is enlightened.

An Enlightened Being is one who is connected to their Spiritual Light.

Spiritual Light is the wisdom of inspired revelation.

The wisdom of inspired revelation is intuitive thought from the higher Mind within.

My source of wisdom is my super-conscious higher Mind.

Buddha means Higher Mind.

The Higher Mind is the pure Light of Enlightenment.

Inspirational Thought is the Light Energy of the Soul.

The perspective of my Soul is the focus of my Higher Mind.

Soul connection is achieved through an intuitive alignment called enlightenment.

A Buddha is one who is in intuitive alignment with their Soul.

I intuitively see the spiritual Light on my Path, when I intuitively know in my mind & intuitively feel in my emotions.

Being enlightened is feeling, knowing & seeing my chosen spiritual path in life.

A Buddha is one who reveals to their Self, their own vision, mission & purpose for this lifetime.

What I intuitively know to be right because it intuitively feels good for my Self, is my next step on my spiritual journey of corporeal life.

A Buddha is one who was once lost but is now found, was once confused but now has clarity and is now without the frustration & drama that was preventing their Presence in Life.

A Buddha Presence is the emanation of an Enlightened State of Being.

Why Democracy Is In Crisis!

Democracy is in Crisis because a ruling intellectual elite group of people have reasoned that the common people cannot reasonably govern themselves.

Democracy means government of the people by the people.

Democracy is in crisis because the majority of people do not choose to be governed the way they would choose to govern other people.

Democracy is in crisis because a freely elected government believes its role is to control people with a justice system enforced by the legislation of laws that enslave people to an elitist system.

Democracy is in crisis because the government is trying to control the people instead of managing the crises in the health, education & financial system.

Democracy is in crisis because a two party system will always be in opposition instead of agreement.

Democracy is in crisis because the government is decided by party politics, not the will of the people.

Democracy is in crisis because all political parties are financed by a ruling intellectual elite group of people.

Democracy is in crisis because the freely elected members of parliament are denied a free vote in parliament.

Democracy is in crisis because the House of Peers & Lords, who do have a free vote, are elected by a ruling intellectual elite group of people.

Democracy is in crisis because of Capitalism.

Capitalism is how a ruling intellectual elite group of people own & control the Banks & Corporate Businesses that manage all the essential services that are consumed by the common people.

Democracy is in crisis because in Government, there is no transparency, no accountability, no creative imagination & no wisdom.

Democracy is in crisis because there is no Global Vision that allows a Common Purpose for all the People of the World.

Why The Education System Is In Crisis!

The Education System is in crisis because it teaches intelligence without wisdom, knowledge without reason & definition without meaning.

The education system is in crisis because instead of being a system that educates people, it is a system that educates people into a system of education.

It is a system that is flush with knowledge but devoid of wisdom.

The education system is in crisis because it teaches intelligence, which is knowledge, without intellect, which is reasoning.

In an education system that sees the Teacher as an Intellectual and the Student as the recipient of the teacher’s intelligence, there will always be a crisis of confidence.

Students can have no confidence in the intelligence of the Teacher without the intellectual capacity of reasoning.

Without meaning, reason & purpose, intelligence makes no sense.

Unless the student has a reason to understand the purpose & meaning of their education, it has no value to them.

The education system is in crisis because it offers little value to the majority of children, even though their parents have been educated to believe that it has great value for all children.

The education system is in crisis because it is designed purely to secure people a job in the workplace rather than defining the meaning & purpose to individual lives.

It serves the benefit of an intellectual controlling elite governing body of employers by determining whether a student is employable in the workplace or not.

The education system is in crisis because it is a rational system devoid of emotional intelligence & creative imagination.

Until our educators can imagine a creative system designed for the development of each individual student, the education system will remain in potential crisis.