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What The Holy Ghost Is!

The Holy Ghost is not an apparition, it is a powerful emotional feeling.

The Holy Ghost is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the Whole or Pure Spirit.

Pure Spirit is the emotional power of the Soul.

The emotional power of the Soul is a pure wavelength of an energy vibration.

A pure wavelength of emotion is undivided by male or female gender.

It is the choice of the ego Self that divides the emotional energy of the Soul by gender.

God is neither male nor female energy, and both.

The omnipotent power of the Holy Spirit is pure emotion.

The Holy Ghost is the emotional power of my Soul Entity.

It is my connection to my Soul that brings the Holy Ghost into my physical reality.

The Holy Ghost is perceived to be experienced by certain believers during Christian Worship.

It is the group energy vibration of connected worshippers that is on occasion able to connect with the emotional energy of their Soul Group.

Because like energy unto itself is drawn, it requires the majority of the worshipping group to maintain their Soul connection together for the holy ghost to visit their church.

Any lack of faith or negative polarity of thinking disallows the apparent feeling of the emotional experience that is the Holy Ghost.

To a spiritually attuned Individual, a personal visit of the Holy Ghost is a regular occurrence.

What A Ghost Is!

A Ghost is an apparition.

An apparition is the apparent appearance of a physical Being that no longer lives on the physical plane.

A ghost is the non-physical appearance of an apparition.

The non-physical apparition of a physical being is the emanation of their energy or spirit.

A spiritual energy apparition is called a Spirit or a Ghost.

A ghost is a personal spiritual emanation appearing in physical form.

A ghost is only a ghost when it appears to be a ghost i.e. it appears as an apparition.

An apparition can be an apparent ghost.

An apparent ghost is a projection of someone’s imagination.

Imagination is a paranormal energy.

A ghost can be someone else’s paranormal energy manifesting in physical reality, or my own.

I cannot be spiritually possessed by another entity, although I can be spiritually obsessed with another spiritual entity.

My obsession with another’s spiritual entity can empower that entity to manifest as a real ghost.

I attract into my reality that which is the focus of my attention.

When I believe that dead people remain on the physical plane in spirit, then I allow them to exist as a ghost in & of, my reality.

When I believe that people have no reason to remain on the Earth Plane, after death, then they have no reason to do so.

The ghost or spirit of another entity can only visit the realm of the physical when personally invited, consciously or sub-consciously, to do so.

A ghost is the apparition of a spiritual entity, not necessarily the entity itself.

My personal interest is my own spiritual entity, not other people’s.

Where The Etheric Plane Is!

The Etheric Plane is where my Emotional Heart is.

The core of my Beingness is at the heart of the etheric plane.

The etheric plane is the source of my emotional power.

The source of my emotional power is the core essence of my Beingness.

I access my emotional power on the level of the etheric plane.

The level of the etheric plane determines the level of my emotional power.

The power of the etheric plane is capable of evoking a vast range of emotional experiences.

The ether, aether or etheric is the creative power of the Universe.

All material energy forms emerge from the etheric plane as a reality in the physical plane.

The power of the etheric plane is creative, in conjunction with the authority of astral plane.

The authority of my Mind empowers my emotional Heart.

My emotional awareness empowers my physical consciousness.

My astral thoughts authorise my etheric emotions.

My spacial wavelength on the etheric plane compliments my frequency of time on the astral plane, which together create the vibration of my physical reality.

The emotional attributes that I attain in physical life determine the quality of my existence on the etheric plane.

The etheric plane is the degree to which my emotional aura vibrates.

The degree of attitude of my perspective on the astral plane determines the awareness of my perception on the etheric plane and the quality of my experience on the physical plane.

The etheric plane is wherever I perceive that it feels good to be.

Where The Astral Plane Is!

The Astral Plane is where my Mind is!

My Mind is at the level of Light.

The level of Light is the astral plane.

The astral plane is where my Higher Consciousness is.

The physical plane is where my level of conscious-awareness is.

My memory is my level of sub-consciousness.

The astral plane is where my super- conscious imagination is.

My imagination is how I travel on the astral plane.

I soar through the astral plane on the wings of my imagination.

The astral plane is where my inspired thoughts originate & where my original thoughts are inspired.

My super- conscious mind is the astral plane of my Soul.

The astral plane is where I connect with the super- conscious Mind of my Soul.

A blueish-purple light illuminates the gateway to the astral plane of my Soul.

The astral plane is where the quality of my Light shines brightly.

The attributes that I attain in physical life determine the quality of my astral Light, which emanates as my astral body.

My astral body is my energy aura.

The light of my energy aura is my astral body.

The astral plane is the medium through which I access the Akashic Records of my many Lives.

The astral plane is where my Mind is united, balanced, still, calm and authorised with divine Light.

What Parapsychology Is!

Parapsychology is seen as a branch of Metaphysics.

Metaphysics looks at the energy of the Universe.

Parapsychology looks specifically at the energy of the Soul.

Ironically, in Ancient Greek Philosophy, the Psyche is the Soul.

To Ancient Greek Philosophers, Psychology was the study of the Soul.

To modern day Psychologists, it is the study of the Mind and to Neurologists, it is the study of the brain.

Today, Science is studying how the brain makes the mind work in total isolation from the Soul.

This is based on a widely held belief that how the brain makes the mind work causes the effect of our actions.

Parapsychology is currently seen as the search for proof of the existence of paranormal mind energies.

The energy of the Mind is Thought!

The power of Thought is Emotion!

Thought is the transmission of a frequency of mind energy on a wavelength of emotion.

Mental thinking has authority, I am authorised to think, but it is not necessarily empowered.

Emotional feeling has power, but it is not necessarily authorised.

Intuitive thought has both mental authority & emotional power.

Rational thinking has authority without power, because it is without emotion.

Parapsychology is counter intuitive when it sees itself as a branch of Physics.

Pushing the boundaries of physical reality without the awareness of emotion is counter-intuitive.

When Psychology regains its spirituality with an emotional awareness of its Soul, Parapsychology will no longer be a valid science.

The Super-conscious Mind Energy of Thought is Inspired & Empowered with Unconscious Competence when connected with the Soul.

What Metaphysics Is!

Metaphysics is the metascience of how the physical world exists.

The existence of the physical world has a cause & an effect.

Physics is the science that studies the physical effects of physical actions with physical senses.

Metaphysics uses intuitive scients to study the energy that causes physical reality.

Being scient is the intuitive sense of knowing without knowledge.

Physics is the study of the energy & motion of physical matter.

Metaphysics is the intuitive understanding of how the motion of energy causes the matter of physical reality.

We live in a relative world of dual reality that allows energy waves or particles of matter to have a cause & an effect.

From a higher perspective, energy & matter are the same thing and everything just is.

Physical reality allows the experience of matter apparently separate from energy and with or without motion.

I can see energy as the relative effect of motion on particles of matter, from a physical perspective or I can intuitively see energy as the cause of matter relative to its vibrational wave-like motion.

Modern Science requires that the intuitive insights of its Physicists be proven by their physical senses to exist as a true physical reality.

Metaphysicists have the freedom to explore, discover & experience their actual reality intuitively, once they realise that metaphysically, reality is virtually of their own making.

The paradox of the Modern Physicist is that they are all apparent Metaphysicists exploring beyond the boundaries of physical science from within the boundaries of a scientific discipline that has no boundaries.

Who The Shadow Self Is!

The Shadow Self is who I am being when I am lost & confused in relative dual reality life.

When born into physical reality, I become a shadow of my true Self.

My ego sees a sense of Self that is a projection of whom I believe myself to be.

The physical reality that I am experiencing is a projection of my belief system.

I believe myself to be a physical entity in a physical world, which, from a physical perspective, I am.

My physical reality is a project that is a projection of my perspective of life.

From the higher perspective of my Soul, my physical Self is a shadow of my True Self.

My True Self is Pure Light.

It is my ego Self that is the shadow.

When my ego Self lives in the shade, it gets lost, confused & very frustrated by its lack of power.

When I am driven by the will power of my shadow self, I am under the influence of my sub-conscious programming.

It is my super-conscious Soul that is my Light.

My shadow is a projection of my True Self that I see when I have my back to the Light of my Soul.

With my back to the Light, I am disconnected from my Soul’s clear direction and I will get lost & confused in my frustration.

My shadow disappears when I reconnect to the Light of my Soul with the presence of clarity of my true direction.