Daily Archives: February 12, 2018

Dementia Is A Broken Spirit

Spirit is Conscious Energy or the energy of consciousness. It is my spiritual energy that allows my consciousness. My state of consciousness is relative to my level of spiritual energy.

My spiritual energy is a trinity of physical energy, mental energy & emotional energy. I function as a spiritual energy through the perspective of a mental mind, the perception of an emotional heart & the experience of a physical body.

My spiritual energy allows my conscious-awareness of a relatively physical, or material, experience called life.

Dementia is a disability of the conscious mind, in contrast to other mental illness, which is a disability of the sub-conscious mind. Nobody ever suffers from dementia when they are asleep.

Dementia is not an illness of the sub-conscious mind but a disconnection between the levels of conscious & sub-conscious thinking. The sub-conscious mind continues to carry out its maintenance of the physical body, irrespective of the state of the conscious mind.

Memory is never lost, it is the conscious connection, or access, to memory that is either temporarily or permanently lost. Memory is a mental energy, which is a mental aspect of spirit. Choice is a mental energy called a thought of the conscious mind.

The authority of choice is a mental energy that requires emotional power. Emotional power is an energy that flows in alignment with mental authority. Physical ability is relative to mental authority & emotional power.

Our spirit is the physical ability of the emotional power of our mental thoughts. Positive thoughts empower and raise our spirits, whereas negative thinking disempowers and makes us feel dis-spirited.

A broken spirit shuts down our ability to think empowered thoughts. Dis-empowered thinking leads to non-action and non-action fails to meet emotional or physical needs. This means that a broken spirit causes a lack of choice, a lack of power and results in a lack of action. These are all symptoms of dementia.

The paradox of dementia is: Can you break the spirit of someone whose spirit is already broken? Let us first challenge the belief that you can break someone’s spirit.

Science will tell you that Energy cannot be destroyed, it just changes form. In the case of mental energy, it change perspective. Perspective is a matter of the frequency of thought relative to the frequency of the brain waves that are processing that thought.

Perception is a matter of the wavelength of emotional energy that causes a relative feeling experience. The feeling that is experienced is relative to the gender of the emotion that accompanies the polarity of the thinking experience.

When the gender of our emotional energy is consciously perceived to have a positive polarity, it is beneficial and it is perceived to have a negative polarity when it is apparently detrimental.

When our spirits are broken, it means that our negative perspective of reality is disconnecting our perception of a good feeling experience. In the absence of a good feeling experience, we attempt to suppress our negative emotional feelings.

In the continued absence of any good feelings, our emotions become permanently suppressed. I can still choose a positive or a negative mental perspective of whatever is occurring without any awareness of how I emotionally feel about it.

A lack of emotional awareness is not a symptom of dementia. If it were, then 98% of the population would be diagnosed with it. Neither does a lack of emotional awareness cause dementia, nor is it classed as having a broken spirit.

The emotional connection to spirit can be broken or blocked whilst the mental connection to spirit remains open. In this relative dual reality world, I can choose a rational mental perspective, without any feeling of emotional perception, and still be considered to be normal.

The problem of dementia arises when, as well as being emotionally disconnected from my spiritual Source, I also become mentally disconnected as well. When both the mental & the emotional connection to spirit are broken, the symptoms of dementia are inevitable.