Daily Archives: February 4, 2018

Dementia Is A Problem Of Focus

When my focus is on a fulfilled vision for my life of purpose, there is clarity, direction & presence without dementia ever being a problem.

When I focus on being lost, I remain lost, I get confused, then I get frustrated.

The Law of Attraction brings me the essence of my focus, which is what I believe to be true about my present experience of reality. Whatever I believe to be true about my reality becomes my experience.

When I believe that I have no direction in life, I get lost. When the direction that I am given does not reveal my true path, I get confused and when I am lost and confused, I get frustrated.

My confusion and my frustration are very real when I am lost. The truth is that when I am lost, I do not know in which direction to focus my attention. When I lose my focus, I lose my attention and when I lose my attention, I stop attending to life.

Life is a school that I attend every day. Learning requires my attention, my attendance, my presence and my focus.

I am attending the Earth School of Life to learn who I am. Attainment is the process of learning who I choose to Be. My ego sense of Self has never been taught who I am, nor can anyone ever teach me. I am required to learn who I am through my own experience. I learn who I am through owning my personal experience of life.

The Soul owns the experience of being both the teacher & the student. My Soul chose this life for its Self as a great opportunity to learn & grow as a Spiritual Entity. It is the growth of my spiritual entity that life allows. My Spiritual Entity allows life to grow, as is its nature.

The nature of the ego Self is not always naturally in alignment. The ego normally does whatever it considers to be normal. Being normal is usually the focus of the ego.

Unfortunately, getting old and suffering with dementia is becoming normal in our western society. It starts to become apparent in old age that being normal doesn’t work, because normally we end up getting old.

When my focus is on getting old, I do; when my focus is on losing my marbles, I do; when I worry about losing my independence, I do. When I worry about getting old, losing my marbles and losing my independence that is the focus of the reality that I am experiencing.

The focus of my reality is exactly what I am recreating everyday of my life, so everyday I get a bit older, I lose a bit more independence and another marble gets lost.

When I realise that it is not natural to be normal, I can take another look at my true nature, which is always the essence of who I really am.

My true nature is the reason for me being here, to express it naturally with meaning is my purpose.

Normal people get dementia, abnormal people are diagnosed with a different mental illness.

I choose to Be neither normal nor abnormal but a true reflection of my natural Self.

Dementia is not natural. It is an extremely unnatural state to be in, which is becoming more normal and more common. Dementia is an abnormal state of normality.

I have been taught to lead a normal life, until one day I realise that I am overwhelmed by the normality of everyday life. Life is so normal and so common to everyone else that it appears totally void of reason or purpose.

There is no common purpose to life that everyone normally follows, but there is a natural flow to life that everyone sub-consciously tries to avoid. When my focus is inclined to believe that life naturally brings me problems, accidents & disasters, I consciously try to avoid it.

When I believe that life does not flow beneficially in my direction, then I believe that I have to do something to make it flow in my direction the way I want it to.

When I focus on life happening to me, I see the worst of what can happen. When I focus on making life happen by me, I see the best & the worst that can happen. When I focus on allowing life to happen through me, I start to see that everything that happens is beneficial.

When I lose my focus, life becomes problematically chaotic and a disaster is imminent. But this is just a perspective of my focus in conscious reality. In absolute reality the Soul is always focused on the attainment of spiritual growth.

The attainment of spiritual growth is always an opportunity of great joy. It is always a joy to take an opportunity for the attainment of spiritual growth. As I spiritually grow, life becomes more & more joyful.

The Soul learns & grows through the experience of the Self irrespective of the focus of the perspective of the Self. Irrespective of how the Self sees its life happening, there is always a great opportunity for the Soul to learn & grow.

When life flows through me, I see the opportunity. When life happens by me it is a challenge. When life happens to me it is a problem that eventually becomes so chaotic that it results in a disaster that is called dementia.