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Dementia Has A Lack Of Purpose

Very few people have a meaning for their life. Many people have an objective in life, many people do not. Without a clear purpose in life, it is the fear of death that keeps us alive.

Eastern religion teaches a spiritual path for the development of the Soul, through many different incarnations in life.

Western religion teaches that we only go to heaven when we lead a good life but has no teaching on what it means to live Life on purpose.

Western culture has defaulted to a belief that there is only one life and its purpose is unclear and meaningless. From this perspective, the reason for life appears to be to propagate one’s genes and create the best life that we can for our children. When we look at how we are making the world a better place for our children, we appear to be failing miserably in many areas of life.

In the absence of a clear purpose for our life, our focus is on what we can accomplish & achieve. From a spiritual perspective, all of our accomplishments & achievements die with us.

Following the innate wisdom of many eastern religions, there is a purpose for an expansive Soul to have many incarnations of separate & different life experiences.

If the purpose of life is the expansive growth of the Soul, how does the Soul grow?

If the Soul does not retain any accomplishments or achievements, what does it attain?

The Soul retains whatever it attains through the experience of the physical life of its Self.

My Soul is my spiritual entity, it is my entire energy. It is my representation of Source Energy that is my personal spiritual vibration.

What every Soul retains is its quality or purity of vibration. Whatever form of vibration I attain, I retain for eternity. Science tells us that my energy is never destroyed, it just changes its form relative to its matter of physical experience.

An attainment is an emotional state of being that I can attribute to my Self through choice. I am required to choose an emotional state of being to attain it and I am required to attain it before I can choose it.

Nothing is real until I realise it to be real. When I realise an emotional state of being, I define its purpose by reason of its meaning. When an emotional state of Being has meaning, I define its purpose with reasoning. With reasoning, I define the meaning and realise its purpose.

Only in physical reality can I realise the emotional meaning with mental reasoning that defines my spiritual purpose. My spiritual purpose for physical life is to realise with mental reasoning, the emotional meaning of my energy as a definite vibration.

When I can define the mean vibration of my emotional energy, I attain that vibration through choice. The mean is the balance between the contrasting extremes of relative gender & polarity that I experience in a dual reality world of choice.

We live in a physical world of spiritual duality that allows choice and it is choice that allows my attainment of my choice of purpose.

The paradox of choice is that I am here through choice and I am here to attain my choice of personal attainments through choice.

A purpose of life is to attain through choice the attainment of choice. It is only through realising my choice that I realise that I have choice and I can make my choice a reality.

Without a clear purpose in life, choice appears to be something that I have but I am unsure of how to use.

Defining meaning is the reason that I have choice. The purpose of choice is to reasonably define the meaning of life, which is always the balance that I experience as being fulfilling.

I am fulfilled in life when I attain the balance, or mean, between the contrasting intensities of experience that are available to me.

Clarity is attained with purity. The purer my energy vibration, the greater is its clarity and the greater my clarity, the greater is my sense of fulfilment.

The reason for my life is to meaningfully attain the fulfilment of my purpose. However, without a clear reason for living, I become unreasonable. Without a clear meaning for my life, I paradoxically become meaner and without a clear purpose for my life, I remain unfulfilled.

Being unreasonable, mean and unfulfilled are three symptoms of someone suffering with dementia. However, as well as being the effects of dementia they may also be contributing to the cause. It is not possible to lead a fulfilling life and suffer with dementia.

Having no reason, meaning or purpose for my life is how I define an unfulfilled life. The reason for my life is to fill it full of meaning on purpose.

An unfulfilled life is full of remorse, regret, shame, guilt, blame, sorrow & grief. These are all negative emotional attributes that disempower, by suppressing or depressing positive emotional power; which causes bewilderment, confusion & frustration.

As we get older, we start to realise that we are on a life path that is slowly going up hill or is going down hill fast. I always have a choice of intensity and direction, so my life path can ascend swiftly & effortlessly or it can slowly descend into my eventual demise.

Dementia is a slow descent towards an eventual demise for no apparent purpose.