Daily Archives: December 6, 2017

What Language Is!

Language is how the Soul communicates with its Self.

My Soul communicates with my Self through the medium of intuitive thought.

Intuitive thought is received in the chosen language of the Self.

The Self chooses to think in the language that is native to the culture or race into which it is born.

The ability to think is innate.

The ability to read & write has to be either learned or remembered.

When I have lived multiple lives in the same culture, I remember the language and I quickly learn to talk, and read & write without difficulty.

When I am born into a new culture, for the first time, it takes much longer to learn to talk and even longer to read & write in that language.

Similarly, Old Souls that have lived lives in many different cultures have mastered many different languages, with accomplished linguistic skills.

Language is an original creation of the Soul that has been evolved by many Selfs.

Thought is a collection of energy vibrations that we identify as words that are put into phrases & sentences.

The syntax of a language, the dialect of the speech & the semantics of the words are unique to the interpretation of each individual Self, relative to their life experience.

In the same way that a computer is programmed in the language of its operating system, so is the sub-conscious mind of my Self.

The operating system that is my Soul, chooses my language of choice when it chooses my parents or guardians.