Daily Archives: November 9, 2017

What Heat Is!

Heat is a measure of resistance to energetic flow.

The more intense the resistance to flow, the more heat that is experienced.

Paradoxically, what causes resistance to flow is motion.

The singularity of pure energy has no matter & no motion.

Flow has energy & motion.

Pure flow has no matter, it is the flow of energy through a vacuum.

Space has matter & Time has motion.

Reality is the energy of matter in motion.

Relative matter in relative motion causes heat.

Temperature is the measure of relative heat.

Relative heat is the vibration, or motion, of matter relative to the vibration of other matter.

The vibration of matterial energy is relative to the intensity of its polarity of frequency & its wavelength of gender.

The Universal Law of Attraction states that like vibrations of energy unto theirself are drawn.

Therefore, when unlike vibrations of energetic matter are drawn together, there is a relative resistance that manifests as either entropy, inertia or friction.

The resistance, of unlike energies of matter in motion, causes a transfer of heat called friction.

Matter is inherently a relative resistance to energetic flow.

When matter comes into contact with matter, the relative difference in energetic motion is expressed as a contrast in temperature.

The heat of a substance is its temperature differential or its energetic vibrational contrast.

As unlike vibrations of energetic matter are drawn together, the relative resistance to energetic flow causes the effect of solids melting or igniting, liquids freezing or vaporising and gases causing a cyclone or an anti-cyclone, as an effect called weather.

Heat is the relative energy of matter in motion or transition.

From a higher perspective, heat is the intensity of the energetic vortices within a material torus.