Daily Archives: November 8, 2017

What Feeling Is!

Feeling is the experience of emotion.

Emotion is the wavelength of life energy that is flowing through the Self.

The wavelength of emotional flow determines personal feelings.

Feeling is personal to each Individual because thought is personal to each Individual.

Thought and feeling are the frequency & the wavelength of conscious-awareness.

Thought is the frequency of a consciously flowing mental energy vibration.

Feeling is the wavelength of the awareness of the emotional energy in that vibrational flow.

I feel, vibrations of emotional flow, intuitively.

The physical sense of touch is not a feeling.

The feeling is the emotional experience of physically touching something.

Through physically touching something, I can evoke a whole range of different emotions or I can feel no emotion at all.

Touch is a physical sense that can be intensely emotional or potentially unemotional, in the same way as the other physical senses of sight, hearing, smell & touch.

Feeling is an intuitive sense that I may, or may not, be aware of.

When I am unaware of my intuitive feelings, I believe that I am physically touched by emotion.

I can physically touch an object and intuitively sense the intensity of its vibration.

The intensity of an energy vibration can be experienced in many ways e.g. hard or soft, hot or cold, rough or smooth etc.

By suppressing my emotional feelings, I can choose the intensity of my physical touch instead of the potential of my spiritual feelings.

The awareness of my spiritual feelings is an intuitive sense, not a physical sense.

Feeling is the awareness of my personal spiritual energy.

It is how the Soul communicates with its Self.

There is no better emotional feeling than the Self being in direct alignment with the Soul.