Daily Archives: November 7, 2017

What Thinking Is!

Thinking is the mental process of assessing & analysing data.

Assessing is the process of evaluating emotional value.

Analysing is the process of evaluating physical benefit.

My brain is the physical organ of mental processing, my thinking machine.

Thinking is a process of the brain.

When I am conscious of the brain processing data, I am consciously thinking.

When I am not conscious of my brain processing data, I am sub-consciously thinking.

Physical experience is assessed & analysed by the brain sub-consciously.

Whether I am conscious of this mental process or not, I am thinking.

Thought is a principle of the super-conscious mind.

When I am aware of a thought in my super-conscious mind, I can unconditionally accept it or I can think about it.

Thinking about a thought is the process of assessing & analysing its value & benefit.

I analyse its physical benefit by comparison with the data that I hold about my previous physical experiences.

I assess its emotional benefit based on the mental beliefs that I hold about whatever is occurring.

Thinking is the process of accessing programmed beliefs to assess the emotional value of the experience.

It is also the process of analysing present data, relative to past data, to determine future action.

Thinking is the evaluation of feelings based on sensory input.

How I perceive, or think, reality to be is based on the input from my five physical senses.

How I intuitively know, I feel & I see reality to be beneficial for me is a super- conscious thought.

When I intuitively accept a thought & instinctively take action, thinking is no longer necessary.

Suspending the ability of my brain to process thinking allows pure thought to enter my conscious mind.