Daily Archives: November 6, 2017

What A Simulation Is!

A Simulation is a programmable reality.

We all live in the reality of our own mental programming.

From a dual reality perspective, reality is either actual or virtual.

We are programmed to believe that actual reality is real and virtual reality is simulated.

When real & simulated are seen as a duality, a real simulation is beyond our imagination.

From a higher perspective, life is actually a simulation.

We live in a world that is virtually programmed by our physical experience of reality.

The world is real by virtue of our physical sense of material reality.

The physical world is a simulation of virtual reality, although we are programmed to believe that virtual reality is a simulation of physical reality.

In actuality, when thought creates reality, simulation is a programme of the imagination.

My imagination creates a simulation in my mind of a possible ideal reality.

When my Soul & my Self agree on a simular reality, it has the power & authority to manifest from virtual to actual.

A virtual reality is real, even though it is not actual.

Actuality is the actual reality that I am physically experiencing.

Life is actually physical but not actually virtual.

Virtuality is a reality that is virtually real.

With the virtue of my own creative power, I can manifest my imaginary virtuality into actual reality.

A Simulation is a programmed reality of the imagination.

Whatever I can imagine is first virtual before it becomes actual.

Life is a real simulation that I can actually reprogramme by virtually imagining it to be different.

With imagination, I am free to simulate my own experience of reality and I am also free to actually experience that simulation of my own active imagination.