Daily Archives: November 5, 2017

What Charge Neutral Is!

Charge Neutral is an energetic state of being.

My emotional energy is charge neutral when I am being sensitively detached & approving.

My perspective is charge neutral when I am being neither positive nor negative in my mental outlook.

When I overcome judgment & become unconditionally accepting, I am charge neutral.

Being charge neutral allows my full access to the potential of my emotional power.

In a state of being charge neutral, I am at choice.

At choice, I am free to make a choice and I am free not to have to make a choice.

In charge neutral, I allow life to unfold in divine time.

My neutrality to life’s dramas allows me to be ‘in charge’ of my life.

In charge neutral, I am connected to the full potential of my ability.

In charge neutral, there is no drama of intensity, just unlimited potential ready to manifest.

When life happens to me, it can be perceived as being either positive or negative.

When life happens by me, my positive choices can have negative effects.

When life happens through me, I am charge neutral and I am experiencing every opportunity in a beneficial way.

When I eliminate the dramas from my life, it becomes ideal.

My ideal reality is a potential that is awaiting my unconditional approval & acceptance.

When in charge neutral there is no charge & there is no mental or emotional cost or debt.

When I take my foot off the gas, my foot off the brake & I put my brain out of gear, I become charge neutral.