Daily Archives: November 4, 2017

What Boredom Is!

Boredom is the absence of positive emotional flow.

When life is not positively flowing, I am bored.

When I am bored, I need emotional power and I need to get my need for emotional power met.

Bore is a measure of flow.

When my emotional energy flow is restricted by others or constricted by myself, the bore closes & my power contracts.

Boredom is the negative feeling of lack of drive, caused by my need for emotional power.

We are all sub-consciously driven to get our emotional needs met.

Boredom is my sub-conscious lack of drive needed to meet my need for emotional energy.

When I lack drive, I appear to be boring.

When my ability to meet my emotional needs is missing, I get bored.

Boredom is the gateway to inner peace.

I find the serenity of inner peace when I am connected to my emotional power.

When I am connected to my source of emotional power, there is no emotional need & no boredom.

It is overcoming the boredom of being still & doing nothing that allows my intuitive connection to the authority of my own power.

When life happens to me, I am bored of what is occurring & I hate my ennui.

When life happens by me, I am bored by what I am doing because I dislike the tedium.

When Life happens through me, I am never bored as my empowered inspiration is in full flow.

Boredom, ennui & tedium are just a matter of perspective.