Daily Archives: November 2, 2017

What Existence Is!

Existence is the state of being awake, aware, alert or alive.

With awakeness, awareness, alertness or life, I exist.

Ontology is the alert study of the awareness of who I am being whilst being awake & alive.

Physical existence is an experience of life from birth to death.

It is a conscious experience whilst awake and a sub-conscious experience when asleep.

Physical life apparently exists whether I am awake or asleep and ends when I die.

Spiritual existence is an eternal experience.

The Spiritual Entity that is my Soul exists eternally.

My Soul is ever aware & alert to the physical life of its awake or asleep Self.

When I am spiritually awakened to the presence of my Soul, I know that I exist eternally.

My Soul never sleeps & my Soul never dies.

My Soul is spiritually alive, mentally alert & emotionally aware of its existence through the journey of its awake & asleep Self.

Existence is the eternal journey of the Soul through the infinite Realms of Consciousness.

Existence is a property of the expansive consciousness of a thoughtful mind.

Consciousness, through the thought of the mind, conveys the experience of existence into the reality of the Soul,

The reality of the Soul exists through the mind of conscious thought & the awareness of emotional feeling.

Being alert to my thoughts, aware of my feelings & awake to physical reality allows my existence to come alive.