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What Freedom Is!

Freedom is the ability to be at choice.

With the ability to be at choice, I have the freedom to create my own reality.

Freedom of choice allows a choice of reality.

It is the belief that there is only one reality that restricts freedom & choice.

The most common choice is not freedom but security.

Being secure & being free are a duality of choice.

I am free to choose security or I am free to choose freedom, but when I choose security, I lose my freedom.

In a relative dual reality world, I cannot be secure and be free.

I secure my freedom when I overcome the need to be safe & secure.

Safety & security is the comfort zone that inhibits my expansive growth.

Freedom is the ability of expansive growth without a contract that needs security.

In a world of absolute choice, my freedom is absolutely secure.

The ability to be at choice in a physical world, requires both mental authority & emotional power.

When I choose with divine authority, I access my divine power that enables my divine choice and I enjoy the freedom of my own divinity.

The only person that can restrict my freedom is my Self.

When I devolve my authority to others, I lose my power and the freedom of personal choice.

When life happens to me, I believe that others deprive me of my freedom.

When life happens by me, I fight for the freedom that I believe is denied me.

When life happens through me, I remove the standards that form the boundaries that limit the extent of my freedom.

When life happens as me, the ability to be at absolute choice is my freedom.

Who My Identity Is!

My Identity is who I am in absolute reality.

Who I absolutely am, is my spiritual identity.

My spiritual identity is whoever I choose it to Be.

I am a physically Energetic Being with a mental Id & an emotional Entity.

I am a spiritual Being having a mental & emotional experience in physical form.

My Spiritual Beingness is a conscious mental energy called a Mind with an awareness of emotional energy at its Heart.

My conscious sense of Self is my ego, which is driven by a sub-conscious mind that is my Id and guided by a super-conscious Soul that is my Entity.

The alignment of my Id & Entity is my true Identity.

When born into physical form, my id & my entity soon become separated.

As my Id chooses a different path to my Entity, I develop a personality & a character relative to the mental beliefs & the emotional needs of my Ego.

My personality & my character is who my ego Self defaults to become.

My true Identity is what I have come into life to mentally learn & emotionally experience.

Life is the context through which I learn to become who I really choose to Be.

It is only by following my spiritual path that I learn who my true Identity really is.

Only the few who have chosen, discover their true Identity through Life.

What Spiritual Growth Is!

Spiritual Growth is the growth of the Soul.

The growth of the Soul is in its creative ability.

Creative ability allows the Soul the ability to expansively grow.

As the Soul expands its creative ability, it expansively grows.

The Soul has infinite possibilities for expansive growth.

Infinite possibility is just a potential until it is realised.

For creative ability to be creative, it is required to be realised through its creation.

Spiritual growth is the realisation of creative ability.

The more creative ability that is realised, the more creative ability grows.

It is through the expansion of creative ability that the Soul realises its growth.

The Soul realises its creative ability to expansively grow, through the experience of its Self.

Creative ability is realised through the creation of a creation.

The ability to recreate its Self, in every new moment of space-time-reality, is how the Soul spiritually grows.

It is not the physical creation that spiritually grows.

The physical creation is just the vehicle through which spiritual growth is enabled.

The expansive growth of the Soul is in the essence of the Beingness.

The essence of the Beingness is the purity of the energy vibration.

The Soul is the pure essence of creative Beingness when the physical Self that is its creation, aligns with the creative ability of its Creator.

What Self Development Is!

Self Development is a strategy for developing the Self.

My sense of Self is called my ego.

I develop my ego through a greater awareness of my sense of Self.

Self development is a strategy for bringing my ego sense of Self into alignment with the True Self that is my Soul.

Alignment with my True Self requires intuitive awareness.

Without an intuitive awareness of my Soul, I am without the vision that my Inner Tutor has chosen for my Self.

Self development is following the path of my Soul’s chosen vision for my life.

It is a mission to fulfil with purpose & meaning the reason for my life.

Self development is the true selfishness of aligning my Self with what really has true value for my Self in life.

Whereas personal development is the development of myself by myself, self development is the development of my Self through my alignment with my Soul.

The strategy of Personal development is a shift in perspective from being the victim of life happening to me, to becoming responsible for life happening by me.

The strategy for Self development is a shift in perspective from life happening by me, to being allowing, being approving & being accepting of a divine life happening through me.

In Self development, the Soul is the Source of my personal improvement plan.

When I allow life to flow through me, I automatically connect with my Soul’s power & authority to live an expansive life.

Self development is the process of overcoming the ego’s sense of personality & character in order to discover the Identity of the true Self.

Self development is the discovery of who I really am rather than whom I think that I should be.

Self development allows me, when I approve & accept it, to enjoy the happiness & well-being of the ideal life that my Soul has chosen for its Self.

It is only through the development of the Self that the Soul can experience Spiritual Growth.

What Personal Development Is!

Personal Development is a strategy for developing as a better person for the purpose of experiencing a better life.

The Law of Attraction ensures that the better person I am, the better is my experience of life.

The Golden Rule is: The better I behave towards other people, the better other people behave towards me.

What is good, better or best for me is a matter of my own opinion.

Personal development is a process of changing my opinion, of my convictions that no longer serve me, for beliefs that do.

As behaviour always follows belief, developing a strong core belief system is the best strategy for myself.

My core belief system is how I sub-consciously manage my behaviour & my actions.

My sub-conscious belief system is the source of what determines my character.

Personal development is the development of a real character that I personally choose to actually play in life.

Personal development is also the development of a personality based on my real personal experience of life.

In my formative years of life, my personality forms relative to what I personally need in life emotionally.

My need for emotional power in my life determines how my personality sub-consciously develops.

Personal development is the process of learning a strategy for consciously getting my emotional needs met in the simplest, quickest & most effortless way possible.

Personal development is how I learn the ability to manage the character of my authority & the power of my personality, so that my relationship with life is as I choose it to be.

What Absolute Certainty Is!

Absolute Certainty is the absolute Truth.

The absolute Truth is how reality occurs with certainty.

Reality is certainly real.

Time & space are relatively uncertain aspects of reality, although the reality of reality is certain.

The paradox is: How can absolute certainty exist in an uncertain world.

In this relative world of dual reality, both certainty & uncertainty exist as a potential reality.

The duality of certainty & uncertainty is caused by Choice.

It is choice that causes uncertainty, therefore it is choice that can also create absolute certainty.

Absolute certainty is a choice.

My ego sense of Self sees the uncertainty of a dual reality world.

The absolute reality of the Soul is beyond the duality of space-time.

My Soul sees the absolute certainty of whatever is its choice.

My ego experiences the absolute certainty of choosing the Soul’s choice, or it experiences the relative uncertainty of making its own choice.

I intuitively see my Soul’s choice for my Self.

My intuitive sense of seeing what is absolutely certain, allows it to become my reality.

Whatever I intuitively see as a certainty, absolutely is.

Whatever I intuitively know will become a certain reality, absolutely will.

Whatever I intuitively feel is certain to happen, absolutely will.

Intuitive knowing is the authority of absolute certainty.

Intuitive feeling is the power of absolute certainty.

Intuitive seeing is the ability to be absolutely certain.

Absolute Certainty is the Soul’s promise to its Self.

When I am being absolutely certain, I am allowing the Soul to deliver what is promised.

What The Holy Ghost Is!

The Holy Ghost is not an apparition, it is a powerful emotional feeling.

The Holy Ghost is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the Whole or Pure Spirit.

Pure Spirit is the emotional power of the Soul.

The emotional power of the Soul is a pure wavelength of an energy vibration.

A pure wavelength of emotion is undivided by male or female gender.

It is the choice of the ego Self that divides the emotional energy of the Soul by gender.

God is neither male nor female energy, and both.

The omnipotent power of the Holy Spirit is pure emotion.

The Holy Ghost is the emotional power of my Soul Entity.

It is my connection to my Soul that brings the Holy Ghost into my physical reality.

The Holy Ghost is perceived to be experienced by certain believers during Christian Worship.

It is the group energy vibration of connected worshippers that is on occasion able to connect with the emotional energy of their Soul Group.

Because like energy unto itself is drawn, it requires the majority of the worshipping group to maintain their Soul connection together for the holy ghost to visit their church.

Any lack of faith or negative polarity of thinking disallows the apparent feeling of the emotional experience that is the Holy Ghost.

To a spiritually attuned Individual, a personal visit of the Holy Ghost is a regular occurrence.