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What Halloween Is!

Halloween is the night when all negative spirits are believed to come out.

Negative spirits are the perspective of a default belief system.

We have been tricked into believing that because god is ‘out there’, the devil & evil is too.

Halloween is traditionally a night when we can be tricked or treated.

All Hallows Eve is the night when I celebrate a treat.

I celebrate a treaty with my Self to become hallowed or haloed.

All Hallows Eve is the day before atonement.

Atonement or at Onement is the act of becoming divinely pure in spirit.

Halloween can be the night that evil comes out to play or the night that evil is banished from one’s reality forever.

Halloween or All Hallows Eve can be seen as a trick with the belief that evil is coming out to haunt me, or it can be a treat to release & permanently overcome my fears & impure beliefs.

I see All Hallows Eve as a celebration of the cleansing of the spirit within my Self.

As I release my evil fears, limiting beliefs & negative convictions, I deliver a new positive perspective of reality and cleanse the spirit of my perception.

Cleansing or purifying the spirit is the act of becoming hallowed or haloed.

I attain my halo & become hallowed when I say hallo to a new & pure emotional state of being.

Attaining prime, natural & divine attributes is my pathway to broadening my halo.

This is not something that happens to me on one night of the year.

It is a celebration of the quality of positive personal emotional attributes that I have attained over the previous year on my expansive journey of the Soul.

What Truth Is!

Truth is a perspective of reality that aligns with a personal belief system.

We all live in a contextual field of relative duality that allows a choice of truth or untruth.

When I change my perspective, I change my reality and I change my truth.

The commonly held belief, in this reality, is that what is real is true and what is not real is false & a lie.

When reality & truth are not the same thing, I am free to choose the truth of my own reality and the reality that is true for me.

When I am living in someone else’s reality, I am not living my truth.

My truth is what is true for me.

What is true for me is my life path, which is my path through life that has true value for me.

Truth is a positive polarity, or direction, in life that allows a beneficial reality to be realised as an experience.

My truth is that my true path in life is never detrimental to me and never detrimental to anyone or anything else.

You see, if something in my reality is detrimental to you, it is also detrimental to me and is therefore not my chosen path in life.

I live in a universe that allows individual choice, which determines personal reality as a uniquely true experience.

When everyone has an individual, unique & exclusive life path then everyone has a different & personal perspective of reality.

Where everyone has exactly the same perspective of the same reality, there would never, ever be any argument or disagreement.

My perspective is that personal experience is a subjective reality & personal reality is a subjective experience and that aligns with individual or collective beliefs.

In a relative world of truth & untruth, there is only one Absolute Truth that is governed by the Golden Rule.

How I perceive the Golden Rule determines my truth or my untruth and my beneficial or my detrimental experience of reality.

Who God Is!

God is whoever you believe God to be.

God is generally the construct of a religious belief system.

How I believe in God determines my religion, my sect or my faith.

Religion is a collective belief system in God.

God is defined by western religion as the creator, originator & ruler of the known universe.

Religious Man is believed to be the creation of a creator called God.

A creationist God is the religious theory for the origin of life, whereas evolution is the the non- religious scientific theory.

God is defined in eastern religions as the perfection of divine Beingness who Man is attempting to attain.

Divinity is seen as a divine state of being that is all powerful, all knowing & all present.

In the west, these divine qualities are seen as sacred and unattainable by mortal Man, as God is seen as the ruler of Man and Man is the servant of God.

Eastern religion strives to be ‘at one’ with God or the gods, whereas western religion strives to ‘atone’ for its sins.

A spiritual person, with no religious affiliations, is free to define God or Divinity in any way that they choose.

A Spiritual Being knows that they have sovereign choice.

Through sovereign choice, I create my own reality in alignment with the one rule of the universe, the Law of Attraction.

A Spiritual Being creates Man in their own image of God.

A Religious Man creates an image of God outside of himself.

A Spiritual Man believes that God originates from within.

What A Spiritual Awakening Is!

A Spiritual Awakening is a moment of realisation that there is something more to life than purely physical experience.

It is an awakening to the experience of spirit.

A Spiritual Awakening is an event that defies existing knowledge and endorses intuitive knowing.

It is an awakening to the intuitive awareness of energy.

Physical matter & spiritual energy are a duality of relative existence.

I can choose to experience a conscious material existence as a physical human being, without seeing any awareness of energy.

This perspective is a choice that allows full immersion within the illusion of physical reality.

My Spiritual Awakening is my transition from my immersion in physicality to my emersion into spirituality.

Purely physical reality is an illusion that is a real experience.

A Spiritual Awakening is a moment of reconnection to spiritual Source that allows the realisation that there is more to life than the illusion that there is just physical reality.

A Spiritual Awakening is the moment that a spiritual truth dawns on a physical human Being.

It is an awakening to the reality that we are all spiritual Beings experiencing a physical existence.

It is the realisation that we are mentally & emotionally energetic Beings in a manifestly physical body.

A Spiritual Awakening is a new perceptive awareness that spirit is energy and energy is the source of all matter.

It is the realisation that all matter is a form of energy, and forms from energy; as opposed to the physical perspective that energy is derived from matter or is produced by matter.

A Spiritual Awakening is waking up to the awareness of who I really am.

What Patience Is!

Patience is the ability to wait!

It is the emotional power that I need to endure & tolerate not having what I want, right now.

Patience is the power required to manage impatience.

When I run out of patience, I become impatient.

As my impatience increases, I get angrier & angrier until I am furious.

Patience is the polar opposite of impatience and the gender opposite of assertiveness.

Whereas patience is meekly waiting for what I want, assertiveness is my will to get what I want now.

Anger is my sub-conscious emotional reaction to not being able to consciously assert myself.

When wrath is the focus of my will, will power is the emotional energy required to maintain that focus.

With the sufficient arrogance of male assertiveness, no humble female patience is required.

An arrogant will uses the power of anger, to focus other people’s attention onto their immediate needs.

Patience is my ability to suppress my emotional feelings.

The inability to express my emotional feelings depresses my emotional power.

Depressed emotional power eventually manifests as mental depression.

The mind becomes depressed because it is emotionally impotent.

Patience is a paradox because it is good to manage anger with patience but it is not good to become an angry, patient patient.

Patience is not a natural attribute, so eventually everyone’s patience will run out.

What The Paradox Of The Law Of Attraction Is!

A Paradox is where two opposing realities exist in the same space-time continuum.

The Law of Attraction is the Universal Law of Energy that states: Like energy unto itself is drawn.

Universal Law means that there is ‘one version’ of the law and that law is absolute.

Although the Universe is Absolute, a space-time continuum allows relative perspective.

This means that reality is relative to perspective and whatever is perceived to be real is experienced as reality.

Relative perspective is a choice, relative to each person individually, that allows paradox.

A choice of perception allows wavelengths of energy to be divided by a choice of contrasting gender.

Energy vibrations that are divided by gender have a male frequency & a female wavelength.

This allows the paradox of ‘like attracts like’ & ‘opposites attract’.

Pure vibrations of energy unto theirself are drawn.

Contrasting or opposing genders of the same energy vibration unto their self are drawn.

A choice of perspective allows thought energy to have a polarity.

Concordant positive polarities are attractive and discordant negative polarities are unattractive.

This allows the paradox that the same thought energy can be both attractive & unattractive , relative to the personal perspective of choice.

A choice of perspective also allows me not to give a particular energy vibration another thought.

This allows the paradox that the same thought energy can be both attractive & non attractive, relative to an individual pespective of personal choice.

Understanding the paradoxes of the Law of Attraction is a matter of seeing that whether a vibration of thought energy is attractive, unattractive or non-attractive, is always a matter of personal choice.

Where My Core Is!

My Core is the centre of my energetic Beingness.

My Beingness is the energy vibration at my core.

The energy vibration at my core is the shape of a torus.

The torus is a donut shaped energy modulator.

It is not the torus that is my core but the hole at the centre of the ring donut.

The hole at the core of the torus is the emotional space or gap that determines the power of my  Beingness.

As the gap expands & contracts, it modulates the kundalini source energy that flows through my core.

When my core is fully dilated, it allows pure source energy to flow through my Beingness.

It is my conscious thought energy that sub-consciously expands & contracts (modulates) my core state of beingness.

My core state of being is my emotional connection, or disconnection, to my source energy.

When my core contracts, I disconnect from source energy and increase the intensity of the hyperbole of my existence.

The two vortices of the hyperboloid that is source energy, determine the intensity of my life experiences.

As my core contracts, life becomes more black or white, more positive or negative and more of a roller coaster of dramatic experiences.

As I open my heart chakra at the core of my Beingness, I allow pure source energy to flow effortlessly through me without restriction or contradiction.